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Knitting Patterns

All of the instructions assume you know about basic knitting or refer you to my double-pointed needle tutorial and/or my twisted-tube tutorial. If you don't know how to knit, please visit or for excellent tutorials. The instructions also assume you can perform basic mathematics, such as knowing what number comes in the middle of a set, or how to multiply stitches to proportionally increase/decrease a piece.

All patterns are free unless otherwise stated. I am committed to providing many free patterns now and in the future, but occasionally it's nice to be paid so I can fund my craft habit!

Free Patterns

Paid Patterns

If you had bookmarked or linked to this page to get to a specific pattern, you should update your bookmark or link to the specific pattern page as listed above. The patterns were put onto separate pages due to popular request.

Knitting Tutorials - Knitting Gallery - Little Dudes - Knitting Books - Yarn Storage - Knitting Links

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