Friends of the Loo

I’m betting when the landlord installed this toilet seat, he never imagined there’d be a blog about it, or that my friends and other random people from the internet would want to visit it. Because nothing says, “remember that it’s 999 here and not 911” as clearly as random people wanting to use your bathroom because they read about it online.

So no, if you’re a random stranger I’m not letting you have access to the loo. If you’re my friend, though, hell yes c’mon over!

Below are friends who visited the loo and consented/requested/were blackmailed into having that publicly listed:

Name Date Visited Photo Comments
Nikki C. Sep. 01 2014   “In the words of Peo, I liked peeing on the monkey face, although I didn’t really pee on its face. That would be rude & I am recently toilet trained.”
Chad H. Sep. 02 2014 Coming Soon Coming Soon


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