In England…

…cars warn you that if you put short people in a backwards capital L in the front seat, the air bag may deploy and turn the person red as they are sent flying through the air because apparently backwards letter Ls contain no restraints.

After this happens, you are required to read a book about the alphabet from the last page about the letter ‘h’ through to the first page about the letter ‘i’. Presumably this is so you can spell, “Hi, sorry we made you all red and airborne.”

Although you’d think they’d also require you to get through to the letter ‘l’ to see how to properly install your person-containing letters. That’s government cutbacks for you.

airbag warning

This needs a speech balloon that says, “WAHHH!” But of course, not “WHOAH!” because that’d be just wrong.


  1. No no no. That red thing is a *dog*. They’re warning you not to put human beings into your dog-launching devices. (Didn’t you know dog-launching devices were a thing?)

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