Who Are You and Where Else Can I Cyberstalk You?

I’m a Canadian author, crafter, activist, and mom who usually lives in Austin TX but is spending a year in the UK.

Other Websites/Blogs

KimberlyChapman.com – contains lots of stuff including my craft pages full of mostly free patterns and tutorials for knitting, beading, cake decorating, and more.

Eat-The-Evidence.com – my cake decorating and food blog. Reasonably family-friendly, as in I don’t swear there and I try to keep the Wolverine lust to a minimum.

FindingGaia.com – all about my latest novel, including an author blog that will feature some posts as I do research for the prequels here in the UK and an in-character blog in case this Monkeyloo thing doesn’t contain enough swearing for you.

My Novels

Sorrows cover

Sorrows of Adoration, my previously published novel, re-released for free.

Finding Gaia Cover

Finding Gaia, my latest novel. Self-published but professionally edited.


Social Media

Google+ – my main social media outlet. Warning that I frequently post about lefty politics, feminism, science, atheism, pro-vaccine stuff, pro-choice stuff, cakes/food, and copious quantities of random nerdery. Don’t follow me there if you don’t like that stuff because I am quick with a banhammer to troublemakers.

Twitter – I don’t do much on here but I will respond to Tweets if you ping me.

Facebook – Generally only as required as part of my volunteering with the cake club. Don’t expect me to interact with you there unless it’s about Austin area cake events. I hate Facebook. Haaaaaaaaate it.

Related Sites

Peo’s Adventures in The UK – my daughter’s blog about the trip.

Capital Confectioners – the cake club I serve as Secretary on the board, PR for the cake show, and more.

Why Are You Writing About a Toilet/Loo?

See the introductory post.

Isn’t It Rude To Write About a Toilet/Loo?

Yes. I swear a whole fucking lot too. If you don’t like cheek, rudeness, swearing, and occasional run-on sentences of insanity, you won’t like this blog. Perhaps you’d prefer something like this.

Wait, Isn’t That Actually A Baby Orangutan?

You’re clearly one of Jane Goodall’s fact-wielding thugs getting in the way of my fatigue-based potty humour. Also, obviously this is a monkey in disguise as a baby orangutan and you fell for it, you foolish mortal. And it’s behind you right now but you can’t see it because it’s also a pedant-stalking ninja.

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