Pretty Sure This Isn’t What “Boat Building” Means

England, let’s chat.

I know you’re an island nation with a rich naval history. You’ve been Queen of the seas longer than other nations have even existed. We’re all duly impressed with your historical mastery of the waves, I assure you.

But while we understand your love affair with boats, having stone boats randomly protruding from buildings is just slightly odd.

stone boats on a building

Not one, but two boats. On a building. Nowhere near the river.

Because it’d make sense to have boats decorating buildings alongside the river, especially the many boat sheds. But this building is on Hobson Street, nearly a half mile from the closest points on the river.


And it’s definitely the prow of a boat. It even has stone ropes and everything.

Maybe this building was originally boat-related. Maybe it’s just a random decoration. Maybe Weeping Angels are coming through and if we all stop watching, they’ll sail through the building and destroy us all.


The damned thing is even smiling.

Either way I’m pretty sure “sailing on the high seas” doesn’t mean “from the first storey of an apartment building on Hobson Street”.