In England…

…they love Doctor Who so much, they now have time travel school!

bus ad from 2012

As seen on a bus on Friday July 3, 2015.

At least that was Peo’s explanation for this ad we saw last Friday that boasts “cutting edge” education from at least three years ago.

We figure it’s in a partnership with the Klingon School of Danger / Evil Sharknado Lab to form a Campus of Awesomeness all over Cambridge. I mean, other than the usual one. We have nominated Playmobil Man as the first Dean.

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  1. European public transportation can be tricky to navigate at times. A couple of summers ago I got on the wrong subway train in Paris and ended up on the wrong side of the Berlin Wall. Wandered around East Germany confused for the better part of the 80’s before waking up in a men’s room at a Lady Gaga concert in Denver.

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