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Been searching for an excuse to stare at LaPaglia's lovely mug for hours on end? Looking for wallpaper that doubles as a game? How about a pattern to put his face on a Hallowe'en pumpkin? You've come to the right place.

Find the Identical Anthony LaPaglia Photos

Somewhere in the arrays of LaPaglia pictures below there are two identical ones. Click on the thumbnails below to enlarge, or save them to your computer as wallpaper! Designed for 800x600 screens with a gap at the bottom for your toolbar. After all, covering up his face with operating system paraphernalia would just be wrong, wouldn't it?

Find the identical photos - Game #1[d]
Game #1 - Mixed Photos From the Web

Find the identical photos - Game #2[d]
Game #2 - All Photos from Without a Trace
(An extra challenge: some photos look similar since
they are groups taken from caps from classic scenes,
but there really only are two that are identical!)

If you really want to defeat the purpose
of having to stare at his face for hours...
here's the solution to Game #1
here's the solution to Game #2

Anthony LaPaglia Hallowe'en Pumpkin

Want to carve a pumpkin that lights up to look like LaPaglia? Here's a pattern I made myself and some basic instructions. For more detailed instructions and beginner patterns, please visit The Pumpkin Wizard's site.

Here's the picture I used, found at Your Tax Dollars At Work (click for full version):

Anthony LaPaglia[d]

I enlarged that photo, cropped it, and reduced it to three colours using Irfanview. Then I saved it as a bitmap and made any intermediate area gray in Windows Paint. The photo then looked like this:

Anthony LaPaglia[d]

To check how the pattern would look when lit up as a pumpkin, I used Irfanview again to increase the photo's colours, then put it back into Windows Paint and coloured the areas in shades of orange:

Anthony LaPaglia[d]

I then created a negative of the black, white, and gray version to print out as a pattern (doing it this way saves ink and helps you remember that the black areas are holes). Here's the pattern (you may wish to resize it depending on the size of pumpkin you have):

Anthony LaPaglia[d]

To carve the pumpkin:

  1. Cut the lid off of the pumpkin and empty the guts. Be sure to scrape the interior walls very clean and fairly thin, but not so thin that they're about to break. This takes practise to get right.
  2. Affix the pattern to the pumpkin temporarily. Be sure that it follows the pumpkin's curves; this may require cutting lines into the paper from the sides to make it bend around the pumpkin.
  3. Using a large sewing needle (or a pounce wheel if you have one, I got mine at MicroMark Tools and it makes this go a lot faster), pierce holes through the edges of the pattern to trace it onto the pumpkin's skin.
  4. Remove the pattern.
  5. Referring to the pattern, use a Sharpie marker to trace out the lines using the pin holes as a guide. I find it helpful to shade in the black areas to remind me that those are going to be holes. When you're in the middle of carving, it can get confusing.
  6. Cut the black areas as holes and peel the skin on the gray areas. Leave the white areas uncut. I use a paring knife to cut and my miniature carving tools from MicroMark to peel. This is long process and requires a lot of patience and practise. Try to do areas that will likely break easily before areas that require a lot of cutting in order to avoid pulling stuff apart. Again, this takes practise. If things break, you can often repair them with spare cuttings and super glue, but this is a big pain in the butt so avoid breakages by going slowly and carefully.

When you're finished, this is what the pumpkin should look like:

Anthony LaPaglia Pumpkin - Lit[d]

And here's what it looks like lit:

Anthony LaPaglia Pumpkin - Lit[d]

More of my pumpkins can be found in the Pumpkin Gallery on my craft pages.

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