Hallowe'en Pumpkins

These are the pumpkins I've carved for the past couple of years.

Dragon Pumpkin[d]

A dragon motif. The eye is a red bead suspended on a thin wire that is stuck in the pumpkin above and below the bead. Sorry, I don't have a picture of this one lit.

Disco Pumpkin - Unlit Disco Pumpkin - Lit[d]

This was actually a practice pumpkin so I could familiarize myself with the technique of peeling part of the pumpkin but leaving enough flesh to create a glow. I also tried using my Dremel on this for the holes, and quickly discovered that while it's good at drilling holes, it also throws pumpkin goo everywhere. I was finding crusty bits of pumpkin weeks later in unexpected places in the kitchen. I recommend against using a Dremel on a pumpkin unless you're outside.

Gollum Pumpkin - Unlit Gollum Pumpkin - Lit Gollum Pumpkin - Lit Outside[d]

Gollum - 2003

This pattern was obtained from The Pumpkin Wizard (direct link to free pattern). It wasn't as hard as it looks. Basically, you peel the gray areas, cut the black areas out entirely, and leave the white areas as solid pumpkin. The hardest part is the patience required to shave out narrow cuts, since you can't just hack with a knife or it'll break apart. Thanks a bunch to the Pumpkin Wizard for sharing patterns so generously!

The last picture shows the pumpkin out on our front step, along with the one my husband carved.

Anthony LaPaglia Pumpkin - Unlit Anthony LaPaglia Pumpkin - Lit[d]

Anthony LaPaglia - 2004

This pattern was created by me using a picture found online. For the pattern and original photo, please see my Anthony LaPaglia Fan Pages (Fun and Games section).

Corran's 2004 Pumpkin - Unlit Corran's 2004 Pumpkin - Lit[d]

Corran's Pumpkin - 2004

Corran says he didn't intend this to look like the creature from Monsters Inc., but that's what all of the trick-or-treaters thought it was. I thought it was delightful and squealed with glee when I first saw it!

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