Sorrows of Adoration

A Novel By Kimberly Chapman

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I have re-released this as free backlist on Smashwords.

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Unwilling to remain just another poor, country barmaid, Aenna leaves her life behind to save the life of a Prince she's never seen. But she finds more adventure than she bargained for as forbidden love pits her against powerful adversaries and exposes her to intrigues and dangers. Will love be enough to conquer the demons of jealousy, addiction, temptation, prejudice, and violence? Or will Aenna succumb to the increasing spiral of depression that threatens to steal her sanity?

This is one woman's honest portrayal of the sweetest and the darkest times of her life. Aenna reveals her deepest emotions, most private thoughts, and bold confessions as she tells the story of how she learns that romance isn't a fairy tale, but a heart-rending lesson of the sorrows of adoration.


Five Stars "This is a very enjoyable tale that readers will relish... The queen is a delicious villain who readers will love to hate. Author Kimberly Chapman is a gifted storyteller who will be tomorrow's superstar in the fantasy romance sub-genre." - Harriet Klausner, Amazon's #1 Reviewer (Read Harriet's full review on

Five Roses "Sorrows of Adoration, is such an aptly named story. The emotions were such that I often found myself overwhelmed by them and having to step away from the story for deep breaths to regain my control. I have never read of a heroine as honorable, intelligent, and proud as Aenna is... I was so enthralled with Aenna, Kurit, and Jarik that I truly never wanted the story to end, yet when it did I wiped my tears and smiled for a well written tale that took me away to a time long ago and a place far away. For an emotionally, romantically, and suspensefully wonderful read, I definitely recommend Sorrows of Adoration." - Vikky, A Romance Review (Read Vikky's full review)

"What worked for me: Aenna is a heroine who is easy to cheer on. The story is told from her point of view, so the reader gets to know her intimately. There is some very good dialogue in this book, and it helps you to slip into the culture of this world... Even though there are tragic elements to the story, I felt overall that it held a lot of positive messages within its pages." - Jen Henderson, Dangerously Curvy Novels (Read Jen's full review on Dangerously Curvy Novels or on

"It's a curious thing to read fresh and candid prose, and gradually discover that what you're reading is half fairy tale and half steamy modern romance. Aenna has grace and courage. Her sense of humor and perspective add an engaging touch to this first-person narrative... Ms. Chapman's words flow easily and convincingly, carrying the reader along with the tale as it unfolds with slow grace. I laughed, felt love, and shed a few tears. She attacks a few social issues with great vigor, leaving ideas to mull over after the story closes. If you enjoy a compelling romance, I strongly recommend Sorrows of Adoration." - Jeanette Cottrell, eBook Reviews Weekly (Read Jeanette's full review (find it on the list, I can't link directly because it's in a java popup))

"SORROWS OF ADORATION is an unusual romance. It is filled with strife, and gives a view of how hard relationships can be if someone is against the union... The characters are so realistic, I cried... For a book you won't soon forget, try SORROWS OF ADORATION." - Angela Camp, Romance Reviews Today (Read Angela's whole review, which includes major spoilers)

"Kimberly Chapman has written a wonderful fantasy tale with SORROWS OF ADORATION. This retelling of the old CINDERELLA tale will pull at your heartstrings as you read of the trials and travails Aenna must face as she deals with the Queen's cruelty and plots against her time and time again. This is not an easy story to read as Aenna deals with everything thrown at her, but it is something I highly recommend." - Chere Gruver, ParanormalRomance Reviews (Read Chere's full review, which includes some spoilers).

"This is one of the best Historical romances I have read. Ms Chapman just captures the reader's emotions and lures them in this story. The emotions run high and you cannot help but find yourself speechless with the outcome. This story tells the reader of one woman's sorrow, sadness, happiness, love, and heartbreak all in one book. It was awesome. That is all I can say to explain this page-turner. It was AWESOME and definitely a must read for anyone with romance in your heart." - Ruby, Fallen Angel Reviews (Read Ruby's full review).

Where to Buy

I have re-released this as free backlist on Smashwords. It is only available as an ebook at this time unless you can find one of the old published copies for resale on Amazon. If enough people tell me they're interested in buying a paper version, I'll set it up on CreatSpace or Lulu or something.

About Sorrows of Adoration

This novel is written in first-person, and is about a woman who falls in love, rises in societal status, and tries to make life work when it just doesn't want to. It was released from Novel Books Inc. on October 27, 2003. It went out of print sometime in the spring of 2004 when I complained to the publisher over non-payment of royalties. A new contract for a second edition was signed with Hard Shell Word Factory in March of 2007 with an anticipated release date sometime in early 2008. HSWF was acquired by Mundania just as I was planning to cancel the contract for failure to print, so then I waited for a couple of years for Mundania to put it out. Eventually I tired of waiting and decided to release it myself as free backlist with the hopes of building an audience for other books, such as "Finding Gaia".

I've been questioned several times as to the genre of the book. It's a love story within a fantasy setting, which makes it a romance but it's an atypical one. It is aimed at women who feel the urge to gag at romance novels with pink covers sporting pictures of Fabio-like guys holding skinny women. The leading lady is beautifully curvy. It's the kind of love story that I would enjoy reading, and typically I enjoy science fiction, fantasy, and horror novels. I made a concerted effort to avoid being mushy while still communicating affection. Reviews for this and my other books tend to use phrases such as "trope-smashing".

Special Extra Information

For those who have read the book and enjoyed it, here are some pages with extra information. These pages contain possible spoilers! Don't look unless you're okay with that or have already read the book!

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