Polymer Clay

To augment our roleplaying games, my husband and I decided to incorporate the use of miniatures. In order to provide them with some furniture and such, I have begun making items for them out of polymer clay.

I haven't been able to get the really teeny items small enough to proper scale, but the beds seem to be about the right size.

Ryst - Front Ryst - Backd

This was my first real work with polymer clay, before I started painting miniatures. I wanted a miniature to represent my Satyr character Ryst, but this one is actually way too big compared to regular miniatures.

Cheap Bedsd

These are fairly acurately sized for regular miniatures. One is turned on its side to show the legs, which were made separately and super-glued on.

Fancy Bed Fancy Bed - Headboard Detaild

This is an accurately-sized fancy bed for miniatures. It has a canopy and fluffy purple pillows, as well as an intricately carved headboard which I've tried to show in a very bright scan for detail. The scan doesn't do it justice.

Bookshelf with Bottlesd

This shelving unit as a whole is the right size, but the books are comparitively huge. I guess they're tomes. And the bottles are torso-sized, compared to the miniatures. Oh well, it looks neato anyway.

Roses in vasesd

The flowers themselves are about the size of the miniatures' heads, but the table isn't badly sized. The roses are so easy to make; just flatten a small strip of clay and curl it up. The ones in the blue vase are on wire stems.

Bottles and a Candled

The bottles were just for fun, but the candle was an attempt to see how small I could make an item, in an effort to be more on scale with the miniatures. That's still a pretty big candle for them, but I think it's as small as I can go for now. Any smaller, and the clay loses definition or just smears. I included the ruler to give you a sense of how small these things are.

Chest - Front, Closed Chest - Side, Opend

This is where I started getting fancy. This tiny chest, measuring 2.5 cm across the front, really opens. I made a hinge system on the back out of polymer clay and a piece of stem wire from my beaded flower supplies. I made it in panels and glued the panels together, then added the hinges. Next time, I'll add side handles as well and work on getting the angles straight.

Altar of Goodd

This is supposed to be a little altar for use in a church or temple of a good deity. I wanted to make wicks for the candles, but I couldn't do it that small. I considered using eyelashes but I couldn't make them stay.

Tree Amulet - Front Tree Amulet - Backd

This item was made by painting a tree on the back of a glass blob (available from any craft store or florist). The trick was to layer the paint backwards, as in putting the highlight layer down first, then the middle layer, then the background. Then I mixed up some faux jade with the polymer clay (using green, translucent, brown and black) and pushed the blob into it with a bit of white in between to highlight the painting. Added a little wire loop and baked it. I also sanded and finished the "jade" extensively to make it look more jade-like.

Fruit Dishesd

All of these miniature fruits were made using techniques taught in Making Miniature Food and Market Stalls by Angie Scarr. The neat effect of the citric fruits in particular isn't that hard to do once you know the tricks taught in that book. I now have lengthy canes so I'll probably find more citric stuff to make in the future!

Citric Braceletd

Since I have long canes to use up, I decided to put some of them to creative use and made a "citric" bracelet. Just lopped off chunks and poked holes through with a large needle, then strung them on transparent elastic cord.

Calla Lilyd

A tiny Calla Lily. The pot is a typical usage of scrap bits mushed into a multicolour blob.

Baking Cupcakes Table - Top

Baking Cupcakes Table - Back

Baking Cupcakes Table - Front

Baking Cupcakes Table - Side d

This is a miniature scene of cupcakes being made. Many of the items shown were inspired by instructions from Making Doll's House Miniatures With Polymer Clay by Sue Heaser. Some were my own design. I tried to make it look like a realistic cook was working here by slopping ingredients and batter around. The spilled egg white is actually a tiny bit of glue from a hot glue gun. The chocolate is wrapped in actual paper and foil.

Roleplaying Tabled

I made this little roleplaying game table for my husband because that's one of our main hobbies together. It's hard to see in the scan, but there are tiny dice of varying shapes spilling out of dice bags, miniatures (yes, those are miniature miniatures), a game mat, RPG books and papers, and the ubiquitous snacks that go with gaming.


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