All beading graphics on this page were created by Kimberly Chapman, and are my exclusive property. Feel free to link to this page, but please do not steal the graphics and pictures. It took hours of work to make them. If I find them elsewhere on the Internet, I will consider pursuing legal charges against the site owner.

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Beading Links

Please let me know if any of these links are dead or broken. If I have linked to you and you are moving your site or the page, please let me know because I may not be able to find you again! Also, if you wish to let me know about a beading site, please email me. PLEASE NOTE: I no longer link to online bead stores that I have not personally shopped at unless they have free patterns and/or tutorials. Do not send me your link if you are a store without that kind of thing, or you will be ignored.

Fire Mountain Gems Logo

My favourite place to order beads and supplies is Fire Mountain Gems. They've been updating their site recently, so some graphics aren't there yet but should be up soon. I haven't ordered via the web, but I have using the phone.

Why is this my favourite source for beading stuff? Because unlike most beading stores, Fire Mountain Gems offers a huge FREE catalogue (get one by going to Information Desk, then Catalog Request). I have not found any other similar store that offers a free catalogue; most charge at least US$5, sometimes quite a bit more. My ordering experience on the phone was very good, with patient, knowledgeable, helpful staff. They were able to dig up a Delica sample card for me, even though it wasn't even listed in the catalogue! Their prices seem good, their selection of everything pertaining to beading is very large, their packaging material is recyclable paper netting instead of nasty styrofoam peanuts, and as mentioned above, their customer service is excellent. I highly recommend them.

Love R Beads Logo

Here in Las Vegas, my favourite bead source is Love R Beads. You can order by phone or email from their site, and their 11/0 prices are amazing!

Large Beading Sites

Beaded Flower Links

Beading Instructions (some also have free patterns)

Beading Patterns (free unless specified otherwise)

Beading Software

Nifty Bead Art

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