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This privacy policy pertains only to the online game of Balderdash as run by Kimberly Chapman. It does not pertain to other Balderdash games, nor does it pertain to any other portion of

Collection and Display of Information

Other than standard server diagnostic information, no information is kept or recorded from simply viewing the Balderdash pages.

If you submit any email to Kimberly Chapman as part of a request to join the Balderdash game or as a question to any part of the game, your email may be kept for future reference.

If you join the Balderdash game, you must submit your first name or nickname, and if there is another player with the same name, you must submit an initial. If an initial is required, it can be your middle initial, last initial, or a false one of your choice, but it must differ from the other shared-name player(s)' initial, with first choice given to the player with seniority in the game. Whole names are not required, although players may use a full name instead of choosing an initial, if required.

Any name given for Balderdash is given with the consent that it may be displayed as part of the Balderdash game within email, on the archived results pages, on the records page, and in, as applicable. No last names, player email addresses or player website URLs will be displayed on these pages without a separate email being obtained giving written consent to do so.

All name submissions, including nicknames, are subject to approval by Kimberly Chapman. Nicknames that are unwieldy, obscene, or otherwise deemed inappropriate by Kimberly Chapman will be rejected, and another nickname or a first name must be supplied before you can join the game.

Because some players cannot respond to CC'd messages or BCC'd messages, and because this is supposed to be an open, friendly game, all Balderdash rounds are run with player email addresses in the To: line of the email. This means other players will be able to see your email address and respond to it. If you have submitted a last name to Kimberly Chapman at all and are thus listed in her Eudora address book by that name, that whole name may appear along with your email address.

When you submit answers to the game, you are agreeing to have those answers displayed to other players in the round for the purposes of voting, and to have those answers displayed on this website if they should match or beat an existing record. You agree to relinquish all claims of privacy and/or other rights to that text when you submit it to the game. This includes guesses at movie plots; you are relinquishing all claims against your created plot guess.

Thus, in joining the game, you are agreeing to the following privacy-related terms:

  1. your email may be kept;
  2. your first name or nickname will be displayed in game emails, archives, records, and;
  3. the initial of your choice, if required, will be displayed in emails, archives, records, and alongside your first name or nickname;
  4. your email address will be visible in game emails to all other players of that round;
  5. your full name, including last name if known by Kimberly Chapman, may be visible along with your email address in game emails to all other players of that round;
  6. your answers will be displayed in game emails and on for the purposes of voting;
  7. your answers may be displayed on the records page as necessary;
  8. and you are relinquishing all claims against any text within your answers.

No information collected for this game will ever be traded, lent, or sold to a third party for any reason other than those required by subpoenas, court orders or legal process.

Changing Your Information

Players will only be allowed to change their information under the following circumstances:

  1. Your displayed name may be changed to include an initial if necessary.
  2. Your displayed name may be changed if it was your legal name and you change your legal name. This includes last names and initials for the purposes of marriage.
  3. Your displayed name may be changed if Kimberly Chapman has made an error in spelling based on your submission. However, if you submitted the wrong spelling, the name will NOT be changed.
  4. Your email address may be changed whenever necessary by requesting an update.
  5. If you have agreed to have your personal URL associated with your records on the records page, you may change this URL as necessary by requesting an update.

Spontaneous name or nickname changes without reason will not be allowed, in order to preserve the integrity of the records. All name changes besides those listed above will be made at the sole discretion of Kimberly Chapman.

No player will be allowed to have their archived information changed or deleted except by reason of subpoenas, court orders or legal process. A poor score is not grounds for having your information deleted from the archives, nor is leaving the game.


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Changes to This Document

Kimberly Chapman reserves the right to change this policy without notice, although significant changes may require players to reaffirm their agreement with it in order to continue playing.

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