Anthony LaPaglia - Morphs/Manipulations

As part of a discussion on Your Tax Dollars at Work, I set out to prove that Anthony LaPaglia is so attractive and such a fabulous actor that he can play any role or dress up any way he likes and still look good. That led to the following highly silly graphic manipulations (click on thumbnails for larger versions).

All manipulations were made using only Windows Paint, Irfanview, and occasionally Picture It! for rotation only. If you repost the pictures, please give me credit with a link back to this page.

The First Manipulation

This one was made during a discussion in which I claimed LaPaglia would look good even if he took a role in La Cage and ended up wearing a pink feather boa:

Jack Malone wearing a pink feather boa[d]

Here's the Without a Trace still I used for the picture (from Eve's screen caps):

Original screen capture of Jack Malone.[d]

Darth 'Paglia

This is LaPaglia if he ever went to the Dark Side of the Force:

Anthony LaPaglia painted to resemble a Sith Lord from Star Wars[d]

Here's the photo I used (source unknown):

Original photo of Anthony LaPaglia[d]

Lord of the Rings

Since Anthony LaPaglia is the best actor ever, he can logically play any role he wants. Here he is as the main characters of The Lord of the Rings. The first picture was mostly just practise, but includes LaPaglia and his wife Gia Carides as hobbits.

Anthony LaPaglia and Gia Cardies with hobbit hair and feet pasted on.[d] Anthony LaPaglia as Gandalf the Grey[d] Anthony LaPaglia as Gandalf the White[d] Anthony LaPaglia as Gimli[d] Anthony LaPaglia as Legolas[d] Anthony LaPaglia as Boromir[d] Anthony LaPaglia as Aragorn[d] Anthony LaPaglia as Pippin[d] Anthony LaPaglia as Frodo[d] Anthony LaPaglia as Gollum[d]

Here's a graphic illustrating the sources for each picture above (all are from Eve's screen caps except the Frodo one, which is a promotional picture for Innocent Blood that was on sale on eBay):

Source photos for the Lord of the Rings manipulations[d]

The Painter's Honeymoon

I happen to love this painting, so what better way to manipulate it than to put my favourite actor in it?

Anthony LaPaglia in The Painter's Honeymoon[d]

And here are the source pictures (the original painting by Lord Frederic Leighton and one of Eve's screen caps):

The Painter's Honeymoon/Anthony LaPaglia[d]

The Wizard of Oz

Again, this phenomenal actor can play any role he likes, including the male leads of The Wizard of Oz:

Anthony LaPaglia as the male leads of The Wizard of Oz[d]

Here's a graphic illustrating the sources for the base pictures (from Getty Images, a promotional picture from the Toronto Film Festival screening of The Guys, and Eve's screen caps):

Source images for Wizard of Oz manipulation[d]

Hair Treatments

These ones illustrate the fact that it doesn't matter how he does his hair, he's still a handsome guy:

Anthony LaPaglia with purple hair[d] Anthony LaPaglia with purple and green hair[d] Anthony LaPaglia with a purple mohawk[d]

The source was another promotional photo from the Toronto Film Festival screening of The Guys:

Anthony LaPaglia - publicity shot from The Guys[d]

Martin in Pink

This one isn't LaPaglia, but rather one of his co-stars from Without a Trace, Eric Close. A fellow fan expressed a desire to see Martin in a pink skirt to match his pink shirt, plus "fake pigtails". I live to serve. You can have it with a black or white background:

Martin in drag Martin in drag[d]

The source was from Eve's screen caps:

Eric Close as Martin Fitzgerald in a pink shirt[d]

Hungry Hungry Hippos and Staplers

These "Without a Trace" based morphs defy all rationality. If you really need to understand the source, go read the comment threads here. Let's just chalk it up to random insanity, shall we?

Jack, Danny, and Sam play Hungry Hungry Hippos:
Without a Trace characters playing Hungry Hungry Hippos[d]

Martin offers to let Sam pet his little Hungry Hungry Hippo:
Martin offers a small plastic toy to Sam[d]

The most recent cover photo from Romantic Staplers Monthly:
Potential Season 3 spoiler, click to see actual manipulation[d]

The source photos were from cabarethaze's LiveJournal and Eve's screen caps.

Jack, Sam, and Danny at a table[d] Martin and Sam in the office[d] Season 3 spoiler, click to see actual photo[d]

Jack Malone In The Box

This came about because I have an obsession for antenna balls from the restaurant Jack in the Box. LiveJournal's detectivetaylor wrote an amusing little story for me about Jack Malone being given the damned things as joke gifts. That inspired some weirdness.

First I tried to just paste LaPaglia-Jack's face onto my Jack-in-the-Box Bobblehead doll (with the blue suit turned black), but it looked kind of sucky:

Jack Malone (Anthony LaPaglia)'s head pasted onto a Jack In The Box doll[d]

Then I decided to just make a Jack Malone bobblehead using Jack in the Box's body but including the latter's signature hat:

Jack Malone bobblehead doll with a yellow hat[d]

Then I decided it'd look plenty funny on its own as a Jack Malone bobblehead:

Jack Malone bobblehead doll[d]

And then for kicks I made version of just the head, as if Malone is an antenna ball, and then also made a transparent-background gif icon of it for anyone who likes that kind of thing:

Jack Malone (Anthony LaPaglia) wearing a silly yellow hat. Jack Malone (Anthony LaPaglia) wearing a silly yellow hat.

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