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June 11, 2014

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Anthony LaPaglia Fanlisting

Here are the current members of this fanlist, in order by country of residence and then alphabetically by name:

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Country Name # Email Web Favourite Movie or Comment

Argentina - 2 members

Argentina Luciana 57 Email   Lantana
Argentina Sol 50 Email   Without a Trace

Australia - 24 members

Australia Alexis 179 Email Web Lantana
Australia Ally 115 Email   Without a Trace
Australia Anne 93 Email Web I'm with Lucy
Australia Becca 1 Email   Empire Records
Australia Candice 82 Email   Lantana
Australia Chloe 131 Email    
Australia Elise 14 Email   Lantana
Australia Fiana Banana 128 Email   Favourite Anthony performance in Looking for Alibrandi ... one particular scene when he looks at his ex girlfriend ( and mother of his daughter) and all he says is "thank you" but in his eyes, he says so much. Magical awesome performance. That sealed it for me that he is greatest actor of his generation.
Australia Finola Jennifer-Poppy Richardson 183 Email   I love Anthony so much. Without A Trace is the best show on TV!
Australia Jess 240 Email Web  
Australia Julie 238 Email Web  
Australia Kellie 117 Email Web Without a Trace
Australia Kristie 53 Email   Looking for Alibrandi
Australia Kristy 146 Email Web  
Australia L Giglio 73 Email   Lantana
Australia Lindy 185 Email Web  
Australia Michelle 170 Email   Anthony LaPaglia is the best. Please come back to Australia soon.
Australia Olivia 76 Email Web Looking for Alibrandi
Australia Paige 84 Email   So I Married an Axe Murderer
Australia Shiloh 161 Email Web Love "Without A Trace". Never miss it.
Australia Stacey 212 Email   Looking For Alibrandi, Empire Records
Australia Stef 52 Email   Without a Trace
Australia Wendy Lee 8 Email   Lantana

Austria - 2 members

Austria Anna Freiberg 148 Email   You Mr.LaPaglia, are our favorite!
Austria Christina Hofstadler 29 Email   Without a Trace

Belarus - 1 member

Belarus Mary 197 Email   Lantana, Without A Trace

Belgium - 3 members

Belgium Georg 224 Email   I like this actor a lot. I have seen him in Without a Trace and since than I am a big fan of him.
Belgium Kate 244 Email Web  
Belgium Nicky 194 Email   Without A Trace

Brazil - 8 members

Brazil Ana 79 Email   Without a Trace
Brazil Glaucia 61 Email   Without a Trace
Brazil Mayra Manson 83 Email   Without a Trace
Brazil Patricia 268 Email    
Brazil Rubenia Caminha 103 Email   I love Jack Malone. Its action is perfect, congratulations!
Brazil Sandra 81 Email   Without a Trace
Brazil Tatiana rabelo de Freitas 137 Email   I would like to talk to any Anthony fan around the world and exchange information.
Brazil Telma Medeiros 120 Email   Without a Trace

Canada - 22 members

Canada Alessandra 20 Email   Lantana
Canada Alissa 203 Email   I LOVE HIM
Canada Basset 66 Email   All of Them
Canada Courtney 89 Email   Without a Trace
Canada Dan-vi 100 Email   Without a Trace
Canada Erika 114 Email   Without a Trace
Canada John McGee 246 Email   Fantastic actor, does honor to the art of acting.
Canada Kay 202 Email   I've been a fan for the longest time...I discovered the talents of Anthony through Without a Trace but my adoration of his acting grew after watching most of his movies.
Canada Kisha 228 Email    
Canada Komori 19 Email   Analyze That
Canada Laurie Kathleen Fox 190 Email   Mr. LaPaglia is the most under-rated actors to date. His performances on Without a Trace are remarkable and incredibly convincing.
Canada Lynn 25 Email   The Guys
Canada Marie 67 Email   Without a Trace
Canada Marie 71 Email   Without a Trace
Canada Megan 24 Email   All of Them
Canada Phoenix 175 Email Web Empire Records
Canada Priscilla MacGillivray 276 Email   Without a Trace is my favorite show.
Canada Richard 278 Email Web  
Canada Sajin 18 Email   Frasier
Canada Samantha 171 Email    
Canada Sandra 222 Email   GO, SYDNEY FC, GO!!
Canada Tara 69 Email   Lantana

Columbia - 1 member

Columbia Daniel Armando N 140 Email   I love Anthony on Without a Trace.

Denmark - 1 member

Denmark Avi 155 Email    

England/UK - 28 members

England/UK Amy 132 Email    
England/UK Amy 165 Email    
England/UK Beci 126 Email   Favourite Anthony performance is too broad a subject, he's just too amazing to single one out. Other than anywhere he is with Poppy Montgomery on WAT of course! Jack so obviously loves Samantha :)
England/UK Bek 134 Email   I'm a massive fan of Without a Trace and sometimes get a bit too deeply involved in the lives of the characters. I watched a film staring Anthony recently and laughed constantly. Chamelion. Nice cream pants, a floral shirt and a very well spoken English accent! Amazing!
England/UK Beverley 200 Email    
England/UK Chloe 272 Email    
England/UK Christine Ryan 95 Email   Lantana
England/UK Clara 90 Email   Without a Trace
England/UK Clara 127 Email   Trees Lounge, Without a Trace, Empire Records.. too many to list.
England/UK Davina Pereira 99 Email   All of Them
England/UK Debbie 123 Email   I especially like Anthony on Without a Trace and did more than an admirable job on Murder One.
England/UK Fiona Campbell 145 Email   Anything by Anthony LaPaglia
England/UK Jade 87 Email   Without a Trace
England/UK Jaina 118 Email Web  
England/UK Jane Beard 193 Email    
England/UK Spy_Master 124 Email Web  
England/UK Joanne O'Brien 199 Email   Just went back and watched Murder One for the first time since I saw it on TV. Whatever happened to that show? He was amazing in it!
England/UK Kate Axford 152 Email   I'm a recent and devoted fan of Without a Trace snd have also seen all his movies. I think he is a seriously good actor and the show is one of the most stylish exports we have from the USA...I normally don't go so crazy about someone...but Mr. LaPaglia is something else!
England/UK Kinneas 110 Email   Without a Trace
England/UK Leanne 65 Email   All of Them
England/UK Liberty 74 Email Web Without a Trace
England/UK Nicky Wilks 263 Email   Brilliant in Without a Trace and also Murder One, Lantana was excellent too.
England/UK Nikki 159 Email    
England/UK Racheal 104 Email   All of Them
England/UK Rachel 157 Email    
England/UK Sandra 260 Email   I think Anthony is very gorgeous. I am big fan of his.
England/UK Sarah 91 Email   Commandments
England/UK Sharon Jane Gunston 216 Email   Fantastic site. Just discovered "Without a Trace" and Mr LaPaglia. Don't know where I have been hiding.

Finland - 5 members

Finland Jecca 187 Email    
Finland Maija 26 Email   Murder One
Finland Mirka 23 Email   So I Married an Axe Murderer
Finland Niina C. 62 Email   All of Them
Finland Piia 245 Email   Without a Trace

France - 7 members

France Aegis 113 Email Web Without a Trace
France Chris 149 Email    
France Feerie 264 Email    
France Gilbert Ludivine 206 Email   I liked Anthony in Jack Malone role.
France Steph 219 Email   I love Anthony, I love Jack, I love WAT! If you want to discuss this extraordinary show, mail me!
France Sylvie 275 Email    
France Thalie 172 Email    

French Guyana - 1 member

French Guyana Sarah 130 Email   Hi! I discovered this exeptional actor in the show "Without a Trace" and since I'm love now I'm crazy about Anthony!

Germany - 16 members

Germany Angy 177 Email Web  
Germany Bandi 121 Email   All of Them
Germany Chrissy 211 Email    
Germany Dana 112 Email Web Without a Trace
Germany Daniela 77 Email Web Killer
Germany Kerstin 210 Email Web  
Germany Lena 109 Email   Without a Trace
Germany Lia 102 Email Web Without a Trace
Germany Martha Schattenhofer 39 Email   All of Them
Germany Mona Groth 255 Email   I've just seen "Lantana", great movie! I'm collecting movies with Anthony for a short time now and I already have "Lantana", "The Guys", "The Bank", "Summer of Sam" and "Winter Solstice" And I like his character Jack Malone so much! Tony shows all his different sides so well!
Germany Nicole 214 Email   I hope to meet him someday to shake his hand and tell him how much I love to watch him in Without A Trace.
Germany Shayera 28 Email   All of Them
Germany Sina 30 Email   The House of Mirth
Germany Svenja 107 Email Web Without a Trace
Germany Verena 125 Email   Without A Trace
Germany Yasmin Riglar 243 Email   My favourite Anthony performance is everything!

Hong Kong - 1 member

Hong Kong Danny Wong 233 Email    

Hungary - 1 member

Hungary Zsuzsanna 273 Email    

Iceland - 1 member

Iceland Anna Magnusdottir 273 Email   We know Mr. LaPaglia gets a lot of fan mail, but here we are two women in Iceland, completely stuck on "Without a trace". So if Mr.LaPaglia ever comes to Iceland, please let him know that we will welcome him to a typical Icelandic dinner in a typical Icelandic house (which is not a snowhouse!). Love from Tota and Anna

Ireland - 1 member

Ireland Milly 101 Email   Anthony LaPaglia has to be the #1 actor ever! He's so dead sexy!! His best role, I think, is that of Jack in Without A Trace!

Italy - 5 members

Italy Chiara 242 Email Web  
Italy Ersydea 256 Email    
Italy Fabrizio 189 Email   I see Without a Trace in Italy and I like a lot Anthony.
Italy Rosaria 277 Email    
Italy Viviana 196 Email    

Liechtenstein - 1 member

Liechtenstein Nicole Servello 267 Email    

Malaysia - 1 member

Malaysia Darren 164 Email   I love Jack [Malone] in short hair, cutey pie.

New Zealand - 1 member

New Zealand Parkour 186 Email    

Norway - 1 member

Norway Idamoren 154 Email   Without a Trace - Anthony is just sooo cute!! In Fallout 1 and 2, he was taking off his jacket, that was so nice to see!

Philippines - 2 members

Philippines Andrea 184 Email Web  
Philippines Pia 162 Email Web  

Poland - 2 members

Poland Gillian86 209 Email    
Poland Lucash 143 Email Web Without a Trace, Black and Blue

Portugal - 1 member

Portugal Barbara 249 Email    

Romania - 1 member

Romania Oana 265 Email    

Russia - 1 member

Russia Maria 54 Email   Without a Trace

Scotland - 3 members

Scotland Chels 78 Email   Lantana
Scotland Lauren 136 Email   I love Without a Trace and I also thought he was brilliant as Simon Moon in Frasier which happens to be my best comedy.
Scotland Marcelle Malcolmson 168 Email    

Singapore - 1 member

Singapore Sara 144 Email    

Spain - 4 members

Spain Bettina 217 Email   Favorite movies: Lantana, Looking for Alibrandi, The Guys, The House of Mirth...
Spain Maria 163 Email   I think with his eyes he may transmit all feelings.
Spain Tatiana 221 Email   I love him! He's one of the greatest actors in history!
Spain Thais Rodriguez Bernal 188 Email    

Sweden - 1 member

Sweden Kerstin Dahlqvist 266 Email    

Switzerland - 1 member

Switzerland Angi 59 Email   Without a Trace

Turkey - 1 member

Turkey Sami E. Riboyun 180 Email   I love Anthony LaPaglia.

USA - 103 members

USA Adam 231 Email    
USA Alex Miranda 261 Email   Love the man
USA Alisha 254 Email   Without a Trace is one of the best shows ever!
USA Ally 205 Email   WITHOUT A TRACE!
USA Amanda 31 Email   Empire Records
USA Anais 271 Email Web  
USA Andrie 283 Email    
USA Anna Carbone 269 Email    
USA Annie 201 Email    
USA Astraea 4 Email   All of Them
USA Barbara Cardarelli 279 Email    
USA Beverly 195 Email    
USA Bob and Maria Friskel 236 Email   To help teens with fatal illnesses, Mr. LaPaglia was kind to have a photo taken for a calendar. He's a terrific, versatile actor and obviously a good man to help and fight for children.
USA Bonny Gallion 181 Email   I'll take Jack Malone any way I can get him.
USA Borys 32 Email   Without a Trace
USA Brittany 258 Email Web Without a Trace
USA Brittney 64 Email Web The Client
USA Bugsy 150 Email    
USA Carla Wiley 229 Email    
USA Carrie 55 Email Web Without a Trace
USA Caty 153 Email Web  
USA Charlotte 116 Email Web So I Married an Axe Murderer
USA Charlotte 158 Email    
USA Cherrii 142 Email Web  
USA Darla Kaye 250 Email   The minute I saw "Without a Trace" the first time, as soon as Anthony came on the screen I got chills...I think Anthony is an excellent actor and I hope I see more of him in the future.
USA Dawn Renee Andrews 139 Email   I think Anthony is very cute and he is an excellent actor. I especially like Australians. My favorite character he plays is Jack. I like all his characters.
USA Diana 232 Email    
USA Diana Sarabia 234 Email   I fell in love with him (as an actor of course) in Without a Trace. He does a great job. He is so serious and mysterious on it. Bacically that's my idea of a real man.
USA Diane L Ham 176 Email    
USA Djuna 13 Email   Lantana
USA Elissa 213 Email    
USA Elizabeth MK 182 Email Web  
USA Elmeda Roda 167 Email    
USA Emily 119 Email   All of Them
USA Erin 208 Email    
USA ErinM 182 Email Web  
USA Franny 85 Email   Without a Trace
USA Genna 36 Email   All of Them
USA Gerard Haughey 166 Email    
USA Ginger Passarelli 207 Email   Anthony LaPaglia is one of my favorites. I've been crazy about him since first seeing him in 29th Street. Now I watch Without a Trace and all the reruns faithfully. I wasn't a bit surprised to hear of the wonderful husband he is, because it comes across in the parts he plays. It sounds like him and his wife Gia Carides have a wonderful relationship and that's great. Hope he makes another movie soon!
USA Heather Graeff 226 Email   Black and Blue
USA Inell 70 Email   Lantana
USA Janet 9 Email   All of Them
USA JC 135 Email   This is a great website.
USA Janice Oliver 178 Email    
USA Jenna 27 Email Web Without a Trace
USA Jenna 35 Email   All of Them
USA Joann Downie 282 Email   Loved Without a Trace, and Analyze That
USA Judy Erwin 204 Email   I think Mr. LaPaglia is a very terrific and talented actor.
USA Julie 51 Email   Empire Records
USA K. Smitty 239 Email    
USA Katy Brown & Alan Brown 281 Email   Do you know when or if the movie Balibo will be released in the US?
USA Kayla Neff 192 Email    
USA Kimberly 198 Email   Anthony is a very handsome man. His performances in Without A Trace are very captivating.
USA Kimberly 191 Email   I love all of Anthony's acting, some just more than others! He is most definitely one of the most underated actors around.
USA Kimberly Chapman 106 Email Web Without a Trace
USA KimOanh Dragoo 169 Email    
USA Kristie 42 Email   Without a Trace
USA Kristina 160 Email    
USA Kristy 147 Email    
USA Krystle 58 Email   The House of Mirth
USA Laura 270 Email   All of Them
USA Linda Colucci 122 Email   All of Them
USA Lindsay 2 Email   All of Them
USA Lisa 138 Email    
USA Little Willow 129 Email    
USA Liz 44 Email Web Without a Trace
USA Liz 227 Email   I like Anthony best in medium long hair although he looks handsome in any hairstyle. He was fabulous in Lantana, my out and out favorite. I never miss Without a Trace if I can help it.
USA Lora 5 Email   Empire Records
USA Lou 88 Email   All of Them
USA Lucy 215 Email   I love the show.
USA Lupe 173 Email    
USA Lysia Raven 251 Email    
USA MargaretE 156 Email    
USA Maria Miraglia 151 Email    
USA Meghan 280 Email    
USA Melanie 220 Email    
USA Melissa 43 Email   The Client
USA Mellie 48 Email   Without a Trace
USA Melony 75 Email   Without a Trace
USA Michelle 11 Email   Lantana
USA Michelle 241 Email   I really like to watch Anthony in Without a Trace.
USA Mike 262 Email    
USA Miracle 56 Email   Without a Trace
USA Nancy Cosentino 218 Email    
USA Nancy Kay 225 Email    
USA Nicole Burrows 237 Email    
USA Nicole Jaeger 257 Email    
USA Nikie 259 Email Web  
USA Nikki 92 Email   All of Them
USA Pan Pingli 47 Email   All of Them
USA Peggy Ibaugh 141 Email   I love Anthony LaPaglia and he is byfar the best actor on TV or anywhere. I NEVER miss "Without A Trace". Because of an Anthony LaPaglia's website I now have an e-mail friend in Austria who is also a fan of Anthony LaPaglia.
USA Rebecca 12 Email Web Empire Records
USA Rissa 15 Email   Lantana
USA Robin 105 Email   Without a Trace
USA Roscoe Thomas 248 Email   My favorite Anthony performance would definitely have to be on Frasier. He was AMAZING!
USA S Louise 68 Email   The Guys
USA Sandra 253 Email   I started to fundraiser in his honor and would like to donate funds to his favorite charity, my goal is raise $10,000
USA Shawnee 16 Email   Without a Trace
USA Shelly Creek 252 Email    
USA Skyler 63 Email   Empire Records
USA Tatiana 111 Email Web Mixed Nuts
USA Victoria 223 Email   I'm your biggest fan.
USA 230 230 Email