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Juice Pigs Trivia - Javascript Version

All questions refer to the albums as released in Canada, unless otherwise specified. Move your mouse over the Answer graphic to see a pop-up window with the answer. Keep score on a scrap piece of paper, and total one point for each correct answer.

Raw Pork (easy questions)

Answer 1. Who lives down by the furnace?
Answer 2. Whom did dolphins eventually nibble the pieces of?
Answer 3. Who doesn't like it when you smoke?
Answer 4. What animal could we have small couches made of?
Answer 5. Where is the Canadian game show host going?
Answer 6. What's the insult thrown at torsoless tots at swimming lessons?
Answer 7. Who was used as a skateboard?
Answer 8. What wish is made on the Northern Lights?
Answer 9. "I go seal hunting with my best friend _____"
Answer 10. Where does the psychopathic killer find the knife?
Answer 11. What brand of bathing suit does the psychopathic killer wear?
Answer 12. What Canadian rocker is parodied in the song Janitor?
Answer 13. "I'd like to take you out to the barn and" what?
Answer 14. Whose song is covered by the Buddhist Monk Singers?
Answer 15. What do the truckers like?
Answer 16. When is it easy to reach Nirvana, according to the song Love Affair?
Answer 17. What might prevent the singer in When the Moon from being in the glen, softly singing?
Answer 18. Who was "especially" slain by Captain Greg?
Answer 19. What word does the boy in Suzanne ask for a definition of?
Answer 20. What instrument did the uncle in Suzanne think he was?
Answer 21. What lines does M.C. Kielbasa sing?
Answer 22. Who never made much money, according to Circus Freaks?
Answer 23. True or false: the singer will give up meat for Enviro-Girl.
Answer 24. Who goes to The Church?
Answer 25. What did he dance naked with in Christmas Dreams?
Answer 26. Who designed the French Cowboys' chaps?
Answer 27. What floor does the singer say he lives on in REMember?
Answer 28. What was the Hot Squat Hombre's name?
Answer 29. What major network television show has the group made many appearances on?
Answer 30. What is the Janitor's name?

Nicely Cooked (medium questions)

Answer 1. What size pants were bought from the corner store?
Answer 2. What unusual pair of features does the car in Gameshow 1 have?
Answer 3. Who spits acid, pukes fire, and gives good horn?
Answer 4. What is the address for the P.S.A.s?
Answer 5. Which of the following is NOT named as a trick in Skateboard: Alley-Hop, Addle-Flop, Acid- Drop.
Answer 6. What two body parts were bloodshot in Concierge?
Answer 7. "And I looked at him like he was 18 kilograms of shit in a _______"
Answer 8. In what movie is it said that Ernest Borgnine played The Incredible Flying Worm?
Answer 9. Who does Sean say is making him laugh during the second P.S.A.?
Answer 10. Where is the coat in Gameshow 2 from?
Answer 11. What is tattooed on the trucker's stomach?
Answer 12. What's the prize for winning the Who's Got the Greasiest Baseball Cap Competition?
Answer 13. What are the two sides of the Debut Album named (on the tape)?
Answer 14. What does the Debut Album tape insert say you will hear if you play it backwards?
Answer 15. What type of vegetable is smashed in the video for REMember?
Answer 16. Why did Captain Greg kill the Spaniards?
Answer 17. Where do the truckers realize they'll come to a stop when the truck is speeding out of control?
Answer 18. Who, according to Rok Stedy, is the finest cheesemaker in the world?
Answer 19. What is taped to the eyelids of the gull in Suzanne?
Answer 20. What does the noise deep in his bowls remind the singer of in Suzanne and why?
Answer 21. Who are pants like and what can they do?
Answer 22. What does the singer order in Diet Riot?
Answer 23. What European country is included in Picnic Party?
Answer 24. Who can come to the picnic party if they bring their beach umbrella?
Answer 25. Where did the singer first see the midget love slave?

Burnt (hard questions)

Answer 1. To whom is the Debut Album dedicated in memory?
Answer 2. There is a Canadian Ministry noted in the bottom corner of the Pants album. Which Ministry is it?
Answer 3. What kind of fly did Curly's pants have?
Answer 4. Who also likes blubber?
Answer 5. What was rubbed provocatively against the Concierge's cheeks?
Answer 6. What is Corky's Legion made of?
Answer 7. Who "roks for his design wizardry?"
Answer 8. What does a woman in the audience say during Concierge when he gets to the hotel?
Answer 9. What is missing from the screaming out of the phone digits in the last part of 666-6666?
Answer 10. How many times does the pink pignose symbol appear on the Pants CD and casing?
Answer 11. What three heights are the chickens stacked to in Truckers?
Answer 12. Who is the DJ on Hook 97 FM?
Answer 13. What are the three things named that pandas can't do?
Answer 14. What four things are portrayed in small scenes in Americans?
Answer 15. What three things did she do in the theatre that indicated she had rabies?
Answer 16. Who provided the "Siren Vocals" in Dolphin Boy?
Answer 17. In what Maine city was the group photographed doing a spoof on the Solid Gold Dancers "in order to gather evidence proving that the troupe engaged in illegal pronographic acts," according to the Toronto Star?
Answer 18. Also according to the Toronto Star, when and where was the group formed?
Answer 19. What was the name of the group member that Greg Neale replaced in 1989?
Answer 20. What is odd about the singer's residence in REMember?


75 - Piggy Perfection
You are a divine entity, deserving of worship from the unenlightened hordes around you. If you really put your mind to it, you could probably fly.** You can adeptly prepare any pork dish with little fat and a great deal of flavour.

60-74 - Porker
You must be a fan of the band, or have paid a lot of attention to this website! Either way, that makes you exceptionally cool. You are undoubtedly very desireable to the gender of your choice, and have few if any problems with your armpit hair. Small dogs will avoid piddling on your shoes, and you can cook a delicious ham.

35-59 - Squealer
Not bad, not bad! You are obviously at least functionally literate, and demonstrate good an extent. You can make bacon, but have never been able to prepare an entire pork roast. Spend more time in your pune, eat pork at least twice a week, and visit this website more often.

15-34 - Piglet
So you've heard of them, or have lightly perused the website. Maybe caught an act or two on MAD TV. Now it's time to go buy the albums and brush up on your Corkiness! You have heard of bacon, and can identify its smell when it's being cooked 6 out of 10 times.

0-14 - Janitor
Tsk tsk tsk. You didn't study, did you? You think pork comes from cantaloupes. Spend less time masturbating in the gym, and more time paying attention to Corky and the Juice Pigs! Trust'll have better eyesight if you do, and you won't have hairy palms sticking to your buffomatic floor waxing thing anymore.

** WARNING: DO NOT ATTEMPT TO FLY. Not just because it'd be unsafe, but if your Juice Pig self managed to do it, the sight of pigs flying might allow endless impossibilites to occur, thus disrupting the very fabric of the universe. So for the good of humanity (not to mention the sucker parked under your window), please DO NOT ATTEMPT TO FLY. Thank you.


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