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Enviro-Girl - Pants

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I'll buy you an electric car
So we can go out and look at the stars some time
I'll adopt a Third World family
And we can send them letters at Christmas time

I'll give up meat

Give up meat?

Are you crazy?

Maybe not, but I won't eat it in front of you
We can hire a van
A propane van
And let all the animals out of the zoo

Environment Girl
Let's live in a land of windmills
Environment Girl
You give me a whirl

I'll buy you a needle and thread
And fly you high, so you can sew up the ozone layer
When we're old and I've gone bald
We'll hit the town in my new recycled hair
My new recycled hair
No CFCs!

Environment Girl
Let's make the world young again
Environment Girl
As long as I'm home before ten


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