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Privacy Policy

This privacy policy applies only to the pages within the domain All external pages, including charities, links, and the forum have privacy policies managed by other parties, and I am not responsible for any privacy issues on those sites.

Yahoo! Website Services collects standard web logs; that is, it records user sessions based on IP address and details of which pages were visited during that session. None of this information personally identifies anyone looking at the site.

Although I can access site statistics from those logs, I have no plans to do so beyond occasionally looking at the "snapshot" statistics, which state the following:

  • User Sessions: The number of individual sessions logged. An individual session is defined as a group of page requests by a unique IP Address.
  • Page Views: The number of web pages viewed. Web pages include .htm, .html, .shtm., .shtml, .mv, and .hts files.
  • Average: Shows the average number of page views per user session (page views / user sessions).

This information is applied to all of, not just the One-Click Charity Check pages. To determine deeper detail, I'd have to submit a log request, and I have only done that once early in the site building to determine errors. I am unlikely to do it again, and even if I do, I won't request IP addresses because it takes too long and I don't care about that. All I want to know is if there's some significant recurring error.

I will not be making records of any kind based on this data, but I reserve the right to have a glance now and then to see if anyone's actually visiting the pages. That information will be kept to myself, because it's probably too boring for anyone else to care about anyway.

What all of this means is this: Yahoo! is collecting standard log data, but no personal information, and all of the information that is collected is not being read by me for the most part anyway. Your name, email address, etc. is NEVER collected unless you email me. I'm not even looking at your IP address, although Yahoo! is storing that for two weeks in the log.

Rest assured that I have no interest in snooping around to find out who is looking at what kind of charity.

The only information I will keep on record is that which is sent to me in email. If you run a one-click site and email me, I will probably save the email somewhere. If you just submit a comment, question, or correction, I probably won't save that email after I've replied to it.

This site is 100% cookie free!

This page was last updated on July 7, 2001.

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