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About One-Click Charity Check

This site is run entirely by one person: Kimberly Chapman. All opinions here are my personal views, and should not be considered to be the result of any accredited committee. Although I accept and often utilize advice and commentary from others, I am solely responsible for the content on this page, with the exception of the graphics that belong to the sites reviewed. For more information about me, please see my personal information pages.

This site is hosted by Yahoo! Website Services. While the content is generated by me, the server-side technicalities are maintained entirely by Yahoo!.

I make no profit from One-Click Charity Check. In fact, I spend money to do this as part of my entire website. I pay US$14.95 per month for the domain and hosting services through Yahoo!. I am not paid to do this, but rather do it as a volunteer effort to help promote legitimate one-click online charities.

In other words, please do not expect this site to be run as if managed by a paid enterprise. I don't have a conflict of interest in my other activities, but I am restricted by time constraints.

I do not maintain a charity of this kind of my own. At this time, my website as a whole ( generates no income for me, although in the future I may consider selling my crafts or my novel from that site. If that should happen, I will edit this page to specify what income is generated. My personal books page does have links through's affiliates program and to date I have earned a total of US$164.04 in Amazon gift certificate funds (since Third Quarter 2001).

To contact me, please go to the contact page.

Please note: the purpose of this site is NOT to validate the beneficiaries of the one-click sites. While I may decide to do that far in the future, I have no plans to do so at this time. I urge concerned individuals to carefully examine the information available from each beneficiary to determine whether or not it is a cause you wish to support. You may wish to check out some of the links I have for organizations that rate charities.

Press information can be found on the Press Page.


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