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Welcome to KaCee's Place, the cyberbar where the waitresses are fully dressed and respectable, the drinks are free and always served with a smile and a hug!

KaCee's Place is a friendly usenet newsgroup. Usenet is kind of old now, as the Internet has progressed on to real-time chat rooms and topic-specific web bulletin boards. But it still exists, and some of us are still hanging out there from time to time.

The pub is basically a place to hang out and chat, relax, and enjoy virtual beverages for free (because they're virtual, of course). It's all text-only, with the visuals taking place in the imaginations of the patrons. It's completely newbie friendly, so feel free to drop on by and ask questions about usenet, the internet in general, or whatever else you like. We may not be able to answer everything, but you'll never be flamed for making a mistake or asking a question. At least, if anyone flames you, they'll have my wrath to deal with!

Many usenet forums are harsh, if not outright cruel, to newbies. So the pub is a good place to get a feel for what's acceptable behaviour and what is not. Having said that, people in the pub don't want to tolerate jerks. If your post offends someone by mistake, that's one thing; but if you set out to deliberately insult someone (flame), pick a fight with someone (troll), fill the pub with strings of useless messages (flood), or post unsolicited commercial information (spam), be prepared to be shunned pretty quickly.

Most of the time, the pub is pretty quiet these days. I don't even check it every day myself any more unless I know there's an on-going discussion. But it's still the home of the online Balderdash game, and from time to time interesting discussions do break out. We used to have Trivial Pursuit and lateral puzzle games going on, but the people who ran those have stopped doing so.

But feel free to come on by, or check out the further information below!

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