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3D Alphabet

Knit some unique toys for a new baby, a child learning to read, a school group, or anyone else who loves language!

Cover of Pattern Booklet:  Knitted Alphabet - A Pattern System For Knitting 3D Block Capital Letters [d]


  1. Read the license. Purchase of the pattern indicates that you have read the license and accept its terms.
  2. This is an intermediate to advanced pattern, depending on the options chosen. You must know the following basic stitches: knit, purl, k2tog, p2tog, ssk, casting on, and binding off. You also must know how to knit in the round (instructions are given for double-pointed needles). You must also be prepared to stitch some pieces together. There are more techniques and stitches used, but they are described thoroughly in the pattern.
  3. This pattern is in PDF format. You will need software that can read PDF files such as Adobe Reader. I cannot provide support for PDF readers.

How to Purchase This Pattern

This pattern is sold through Ravelry, the premier website for knitters and crocheters. You do not have to be a Ravelry member to purchase the pattern. Simply click the button below and you'll be taken to the purchase page.

Buy Now

Ordering Process

That button will redirect you to a joint Ravelry/Paypal page. If you have a Paypal account, you can log in and pay that way. If you don't have a Paypal account, you can use a credit card or some bank accounts for direct transfer. Ravelry and Paypal handle all of the details; I do not get any of your credit card or bank information.

After payment, Paypal's receipt page will include a button that says "Download Your Patterns Now". Click that button to be taken to Ravelry's download page. On the Ravelry page, if you are a Ravelry member you will be told that the pattern is in your library and in your list of purchases. Both members and non-members should see a text link and a "download file" button at the bottom of the screen beside the cover graphic.

Click either the text link or the "download file" button. You may be asked if you want to open it or save it, depending on your browser settings. If you open it, you will need to use your PDF reader to save it if you want to keep a copy on your computer. Otherwise, you can pick the Save option immediately and download it to your computer (I stronlgy recommend this). It is a large file and may take a few minutes to download.

Ravelry will send you an email with a link to the download page, and Paypal will send you a receipt email. You should ensure that and are not blocked by spam filters.

The Letters

This pattern includes full information on how to knit all of these letters (click them to see larger versions):

Dark Red A Orange A Red A B C
D White E Yellow E F G
S T - Red T - Green U V
W X Y Z Pi


On Page 47, the first page of the Y pattern, there is a typo in the last sentence on the page where it says, "...pulling snug to form the base of one leg of the X". That should read, "pulling snug to form the base of one leg of the Y".

On Page 48, the second page of the Y pattern, the first sentence says, "Rnds 15-68: Knit." This is the wrong instruction and would make the Y far too long on the upper legs. It should say, "Knit 26 rounds."


No part of this pattern may be reproduced in any form including but not limited to print, digital file, mechanical recording, photocopy, translation, or any other format without prior express written permission from Kimberly Chapman, except as defined in the User Rights section below. This includes educational use; no reproduction for educational purposes is permitted without prior express written permission from Kimberly Chapman.

User Rights: the original purchaser of this pattern may, for his/her own personal use, print out one copy of this pattern. Subsequent printouts may only be made if the original printout is destroyed. The original purchaser may also create a single backup copy of the original file, on hard disk or portable storage. However, in the event that the original purchaser transfers ownership to another individual through sale or gift, the original purchaser must transfer or destroy all backup copies and printouts. Subsequent purchasers are also bound by the entirety of this license.

Pattern Use: this pattern is sold for personal use only. The purchaser of the pattern may create unlimited pieces based on the pattern so long as they are for personal use or gifts, and display the pieces in any personal, not-for-profit format (e.g. a photo of the item on a website, blog, etc.). Gifts can include donation to registered charities, including for fund-raising sales held by said charities. No non-charitable sales are allowed without prior express written permission from Kimberly Chapman, which includes but is not limited to personal sales, Internet sales such as on ebay or Etsy, commercial sales, or sales to distributors.

To obtain permission and discuss license fees for sales or educational use, email Requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis and approval is not guaranteed.

Kimberly Chapman reserves the right to withdraw all rights and permissions granted to the original purchaser and all subsequent purchasers if they are found to be in violation of this license agreement or any international law. Kimberly Chapman also reserves the right to withdraw permissions pertaining to registered charities if the activities of said charities are deemed objectionable or illegal.

No guarantees of quality of output are granted in this pattern. All patterns have been knitted at least once and have a photo shown with the pattern, but end results are solely reliant on the skills, dedication, and material choices of the user. Absolutely no refunds will be given other than for error or corruption of file at the point of sale. Errata, if any, will be listed at

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