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Fossilized Skull

This was made for an RPG session. I used the Wilton sports ball cake pan for the cake, putting one half down on its flat side, and cutting the other to fit against it on a 45-degree angle (see the fourth picture for a very rough diagram). Then I covered it with white sugarpaste and moulded on a browline and nose bone (see the first picture). I added a jaw with holes for teeth, although at this point I realized that I had made the front of the cake too wide, so the jaw was also subsequently too wide to be human. The result is it looks more Orc-like. To keep the jaw up from the board, I set it with two chopsticks stacked under it until it dried overnight.

I then painted the eyeholes, nose and mouth cavity with black gel colouring. Then I painted the rest of the skull with a thinned-out mixture of brown, copper, and yellow gel colours. I crafted teeth with slightly tinted ivory paste and let them dry. When they were dry, I put them in the tooth holes and glued them lightly with water, enough to stick but loose enough that if anyone decided to pull one out, it should come whole with a root (most did but a few broke). I then painted the teeth with a thinned-out brown, black, and yellow mixture, allowing the colour to set deeply in tooth indentations.

This cake and other skeletons can be seen on my collections page.

Partially Completed Skull Cake

Fossilized Skull - Top View

Fossilized Skull - Side View

Fossilized Skull - Diagram

Fossilized Skull - Detaild

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