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Cake Wrecks Cupcake Wreckplica

This was made for entry in the Cake Wrecks blog book tour's Wreckplica contest. The explanation can be found in this post. I left the wrapper on to prove it was a cupcake before I destroyed it, and to help contribute to a messy look since the baker being parodied always has a huge mess in her kitchen on Challenge episodes. Unfortunately, due to rescheduling of the event, I was unable to actually submit it in person. However, the blog folks did see it and included it in their Austin post.

Kerry Vincent, the figure sitting on the floor and crying, was to be the recipient of the original cake. She has since emailled me to graciously thank me for this miniature version.

Cupcake Wreckplica - Side 1

Cupcake Wreckplica - Side 2

Cupcake Wreckplica - Side 3

Cupcake Wreckplica - Top 1

Cupcake Wreckplica - Top 2

Cupcake Wreckplica - Detail 1

Cupcake Wreckplica - Detail 2

Cupcake Wreckplica - Detail 3

Cupcake Wreckplica - Detail 4 d

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