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I made this for the third birthday of a neighbour's daughter in May of 2007. It was done fairly quickly with very basic decorations, but the little girl and her guests loved it as if it were a masterpiece. I used Wilton's Wonder Mold for the dress, which required two boxes of a standard mix cake (it rose high beyond the top of the pan but I cut it to size). However, on the very good advice of other cake decorators, I did not use Wilton's teen doll pick, because little girls are not happy when they pull out a Barbie doll and find that it has no legs! Instead I purchased an inexpensive Barbie, removed the clothes (which I wrapped as a small separate gift), widened the hole in the cake, and built up some fondant around her hips since the cake was not quite tall enough to accommodate the doll's long legs and pointy feet.

I then iced it with blue buttercream, allowing spread lines to form like pleats. I added more fondant around the doll as a bodice and piped a bit of buttercream at the bottom to hide the rough edge of the blue icing on the cake board. I then hid all seams and did extra decorations using gumpaste flowers I made earlier in the week using my Jem cutters. I used some extra flowers to stick on either side of the doll's pre-existing earrings. I also made a flat gift box with a toothpick in the centre for stability (this was removed before a child could attempt to eat it), and piped on the girl's name (I am horrible at piping so I'm pleased with how it turned out!). I stuck candles on the gift with additional gumpaste. The gift was allowed to dry overnight and put on the doll with fondant balls as glue just before delivery.

Unfortunately I forgot to take photos until after delivery and as you can see, a finger had already ended up in the front of the dress! But I did take some photos the day I mixed the icing and my daughter "helped" me with the cleanup!

Barbie Cake - Front

Barbie Cake - Side

Barbie Cake - Topd

Cake Decorating Helper 1

Cake Decorating Helper 2d

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