All beading graphics on this page were created by Kimberly Chapman, and are my exclusive property. Feel free to link to this page, but please do not steal the graphics and pictures. It took hours of work to make them. If I find them elsewhere on the Internet, I will consider pursuing legal charges against the site owner.

Patterns may be downloaded and printed for personal, non-commercial use ONLY. I apologize for cluttering some patterns with watermarks, but given the level of thievery on the Internet, I had little choice.

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Free Beading Patterns

Click on the thumbnail to see the pattern or the linked word "Gallery" to see that particular piece in my gallery. I've tried to make the patterns all fit standard 8.5x11 letter sheets, although some are sideways to print as portrait without having to switch printer settings. Please let me know if they aren't printing properly or are being cut off. The stitch used is linked to instructions for that stitch.

I have not bothered to included longdescs or "d" links for any of these, since the patterns could not be used by the blind anyway. The gallery pictures do include longdescs and "d" links, for those who wish to read a description longer than the provided ALT information.

Goddess Keychain Pattern Thumbnail

Goddess Keychain

Many optional colours, but depending on the beads used, she may turn out leaner and taller or shorter and fatter. I recommend threading through the neck many times to strengthen it, and be sure to wind the string around the keychain loop many times as well. Even so, no threaded bead item will stand up to extreme abuse. If you are wont to throw your keys around in a purse or pocket in a rough manner, this won't last forever.


Brick Stitch

Big Goddess Pattern Thumbnail

A Celebration of Womanhood

Goddess amidst a rainbow that collapses into vulva with a golden heart for the goddess that doubles as a golden clitoris for the background.

I haven't finished doing this one yet, but CJ Roshak did and has the result on display in her gallery.

Brick Stitch

Tutankhamun Pattern Thumbnail

Tutankhamun's Mask

The variance in bead size gave me some problems with this pattern, so be warned that it might turn out a bit stretched. This is using my old bead template, and I have since made a new one with a better average bead size.


Brick Stitch

Pooh Pattern Thumbnail



Brick Stitch

Australian Flag Pattern Thumbnail

Australian Flag


Square Stitch

Dragon Box Pattern Thumbnail

Dragon Box

I should note that I ended up gluing this on upside down, relative to the pattern, so the picture in the Gallery is upside-down and inverted. It's otherwise the same, though.

Brick Stitch

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