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Sorrows of Adoration

Dream Movie Cast

There are no plans to turn Sorrows of Adoration into a movie at this time. But when I wrote it, I pictured a lot of it happening in a cinematic fashion in my head. So for those who are interested, here are my choices for cast if my little daydream of making a movie of the book should ever come true:


I actually don't have anyone firmly in mind for Aenna. I really like Meagan Follows (her most famous role was Anne of Green Gables), but she's way too thin and I think a bit out of Aenna's age range. I don't know of a plus-sized, red-haired actress in the right age range. If you know of someone, please email me to let me know!

Thanks to Bailin for suggesting Sara Rue, an actress that certainly has the right sort of look for Aenna, but since I haven't seen her in anything I can't comment on her acting ability or range.

There's a great painting by Frank Cadogan Cowper called Rapunzel that depicts a nice-looking, round-faced, red-haired woman that is about the right sort of look.


It's difficult to pin down an actor for Kurit, because he has to shift from boyish rogue to drunken jerk, and then manage to reclaim the audience's sympathy at the end. So he can't be too goofy/loveable or he won't be believable as a depressed drunk, and he can't be too dark and brooding as a drunk or the audience will just hate him and want Aenna to stick with Jarik instead.

Plus, he has to be good-looking enough to attract the eye, but needs to be smaller in stature than Jarik. He can't be anyone too tough-looking.

Joaquin Phoenix was pretty creepy in Gladiator, but in Quills he demonstrated excellent range. I think he could potentially be really good in the role, if he could pull off the silly rogue element of Kurit.

Johnny Depp also has great range, shown in a comparison of Ed Wood and Sleepy Hollow. He might also be a bit too dark and brooding for the more jovial side of Kurit, though.

Another possible contender is Orlando Bloom, especially this look. I loved him in Lord of the Rings, but Legolas is not like Kurit at all. I need to see him in more stuff to see if he has the range that would be needed.


When I created Jarik, I knew his exact look with more certainty than I did for any other character. I had a firm picture in my mind, although I didn't know where the picture came from.

Over a year after finishing the writing of the book, I ended up watching Babylon 5. A character on that show by the name of Marcus Cole was played by an actor that so closely matched my image of Jarik that I found it almost scary! Jason Carter is perfect for Jarik. His look is right, his demeanour excellent, and he has a yummy British accent. The only possible drawback is that Carter lacks a bit of the bulk of Jarik, but that can be easily amended through creative wardrobe.

If my dream movie ever gets made, I sincerely hope Jason Carter will be cast in the role of Jarik! Below is a picture of Carter at DragonCon 2001 in Atlanta, courtesy of Joellyn Crowley who runs the Official Jason Carter Fan Club.

Photo of Jason Carter[d]

For more pictures of Carter as Marcus Cole, check out the Jumpnow Picture Archive.


I had always envisioned Anjelica Huston in this role while writing the book, but then she played a similar nasty-mother character in Ever After, which probably means she wouldn't want to do this role. But since this is a list of dream-picks, she's still my top choice!


I haven't nailed this one down yet, but whomever plays Tarken needs to be very noble but also very fatherly. He needs to have a commanding presence to be King, but also needs to be able to display wonderful sensitivity to Aenna in several scenes, such as when he reassures her on her wedding day, or for his speech to her on his deathbed.

There are several great older British actors that could fit this role, such as Ian McKellen, Patrick Stewart, or Bernard Hill.

Definitely WRONG for the role is someone like Sean Connery. While he does well at playing Richard Lionheart type kings, I think his style is far too arrogant for Tarken, and not nearly paternal enough.


Leiset should be someone thin and pretty who can really come across as a good friend without stealing the scene away from Aenna. Unfortunately, all of the actresses that come to mind, like Kate Winslet, have so much screen presence themselves that I would worry that they would overshadow whomever was playing Aenna. I'm open to me!


Stick some red hair on Kenneth Branagh and he's perfect for this role! That is, if he'd accept such a small part.

Megan Follows Joaquin Phoenix Johnny Depp Orlando Bloom Jason Carter Anjelica Huston Patrick Stewart Kenneth Branagh

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