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Name (only put your real name here, please): Kimberly Chapman

Nickname: KaCee



Age: 28

Gender: Female

City of Residence: Las Vegas (not by choice)

Country of Residence: USA (but I'm proudly a Canadian citizen forever!)

Do you have a significant other? Yes
What information would you like to share about them (be sure you have their FULL permission first!)? I'll let him speak for himself on his web page.

Do you have children? Nope, but we're trying!
What information would you like to share about them (I'll only print information I consider to be safe and appropriate)?

Do you have pets? Yes, a hamster named Boo.
What information would you like to share about them? Kali had her own webpage, and Boo will have one soon linked to that.

What do you like to watch on TV? In order during the week: The Daily Show With Jon Stewart, The Bold and the Beautiful, Boston Public, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Mystery Science Theater 3000 (MST3K), Futurama, The Simpsons. And occasionally I also watch old Kids in the Hall reruns. I've also been heavily into shows like Star Trek (TNG and DS9 mostly) and Babylon 5. If I'm looking for something to watch idly, I'll usually find a Simpsons rerun or look for something interesting on TLC, Discovery, etc.

What kind of music do you like (bands, genres, etc.)? It varies all over the place, actually. In general, I like the kind of music they play on the Mix-type radio stations, although the stations in the US suck because they play the same songs every two hours. Plus I also like old stuff like Abba and John Denver and Beatles and whatever.

What are some of your favourite books/authors? I actually have a book list on my webpage.

What are some of your favourite movies? Too many to name, but a few off the top of my head: original Star Wars trilogy, Indiana Jones, Princess Bride, Ever After, South Park: Bigger Longer and Uncut, The Lion King, Python movies, Lord of the Rings, etc.

Do you generally prefer comedic entertainment, or heart-tugging entertainment? Depends on my mood. I really only like comedy that is either clever or satirical, and rarely am in the mood to tolerate base humour or slapstick unless it is also clever/satirical. And I don't like cheesy heart-tugging stuff; it has to be a deep story or I'll barf.

What fictional story (whether from a book, movie, TV, etc.) has touched you the most and why? I guess it would be cheating to say my own book, since I was rather deeply involved in it. So in that case, Ever After ranks up there (I just adore that movie, a strong female lead who also is emotional always gets to me). Kay's Fionavar series of books deeply moved and inspired me many years ago, and actually made me cry, which is rare. I can't say why without giving a spoiler, though.

What non-fictional story (whether from a book, movie, TV, etc.) has touched you the most and why? The book The Great Ape Project (the cases of proof after proof that humans aren't that different from other primates really shakes your worldview, even if you already believed it). There have also been many true-to-life movies about extraordinary people that have moved me, but there are too many to name.

What piece of music can always make you want to cry and why? "Little Fall of Rain" from Les Miserables. The duet that Eponine doesn't finish always makes me misty. Of course, the brilliant parody of it in the South Park movie thus always makes me laugh hysterically!

What's your favourite food? Shake and Bake, Southern Fried flavour, on chicken wings is one, Swiss Chalet chicken is another, and good quality chocolate is also a staple of life. *grin*

How far have you pursued your education (i.e. still in school, have a grad degree, etc.)? I have a BA in combined honours in Journalism and Anthropology.

What do you do for a living? Not much at the moment, because I don't have a green card.

What would you like to do for a living, if you could get paid a living wage to do anything? I'd like to have a craft studio where I could do beading, clay/dough sculpture, stained glass (especially Tiffany-style lamps), etc.

Where would you most like to live in the world? Canada, in the suburbs near Toronto.

If you could only travel to one foreign country in your entire life, but you could spend a few months there and see it fully, which country would you choose? UK

If you had the opportunity to be part of a space flight, would you go? If I thought it would be reasonably safe, yes.
Why or why not? I'd love to see the earth from space. I bet that just totally messes with your head. Plus, it would just be a very cool geeky thing to do.

What really makes you angry? MANY THINGS. Dishonesty is a big one, as is hypocrisy, and the two often go hand-in-hand. I get really pissed when people wear one face in public and another in private, and meanwhile let those of us who are honest stick our necks out in order to make changes. Bigotry also annoys me; I try to be understanding, but if someone is dead-set that x people must have y trait based on superficial things like race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or social class, I really have no interest in dealing with such a person for very long.

What really grosses you out that you don't think grosses other people out very much? Feet. Feet are just gross. Ew.

What hobbies do you enjoy? Crafts, web stuff, computer games, TV, cake decorating, etc.

What sports or outdoor activities do you enjoy? Hiking/walking out in scenic places.

What's your favourite season and why? Winter. I hate being hot, and it's easier to put more clothes on than cool down when I'm hot. Snow rules! I don't dislike any season, though...except summer in Las Vegas is too bloody hot.

What is your religion, spiritual outlook, faith, or other cosmic view (be as detailed as you like)? I figure most religions are human-created in order to make people feel better. But I can't imagine that death is an ultimate end. I figure something like the laws of conservation of energy come into play, and the energy that is a person's being goes somewhere when they die. Maybe it dissipates, but maybe there is a way to be "enlightened" or whatever and keep your energy intact. Maybe part of you goes to be a new cell in a plant, maybe to be the energy of the first synapse firing in a fetus' brain. I also believe people don't end at the edge of their skin, and that there is a lot of unseeable ways that we affect and are affected by the area around us.

What scares you? Stupidity, and the way it can easily end up in power. Not even kidding, look at George Dubya Bush. His cluelessness and lack of real concern won't just be a hassle for a few years; it could have lasting effects on things like the environment. Scale that down to how stupidity can lead local governments to do things that seriously screw people and other entities over. Stupidity can lead an otherwise sensible organization to do destructive things. For example, bigotry is a form of stupidity, and when an otherwise well-meaning organization (such as a religious one) condemns a certain group of people who happen to have different beliefs to suffer humiliation, lack of rights, or even death, this is a scary thing. It's frighteningly stupid that someone can call themselves "pro life" and shoot someone.

Are you an optimist or pessimist? Usually a pessimist. It's easier to predict that bad things will happen and occasionally be wrong and happily surprised, but usually right and prepared.

What's the one lesson you'd go back in time and teach yourself earlier, if you could? That all of the crap I suffered in high school is meaningless, and that I should have spent more time making myself happy than trying to please others.

What is the most severe illness you've ever suffered? I had to have my spleen removed because it had a giant cyst on it, but the cyst was not cancerous. For two weeks, though, I had to wait to find out if it was.

What other information about yourself would you like to share? Not much...go to my webpage for more.

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