Online Balderdash - Rules - Part 2

Rules last updated in December 2002.

A week after the categories were posted and everyone interested in playing has submitted their answers, the voting list is compiled and sent to the players, as well as posted to the pub.

Player answers are compiled into a single list under each category, and the real answer from the card is added in there somewhere.

To continue the example shown in the first part of the rules, let's assume three people have played (just for simplicity...quite often there are many more players.) We'll just use the first category for the example.

The voting list for Part 2 would be look like this for the Words category:

Words: Plumbum

Slang for someone who smells like rotting fruit.

The scientific word for lead.

Archaic term for one who crushes fruit with a part of their body and not by mechanical means.

A curiously shaped plumbers' tool used to extract large blockages from pipes.

So, there are three made up answers from players, and one correct answer. If you vote for the correct answer, you will receive two points. If someone votes for your answer, you get one point, and if you vote for someone's answer, they get a point. If nobody votes for the correct answer, the dasher gets 3 points, but everyone else still gets the points for votes they received.

You DO NOT get points for voting for your own answer, and KaCee will just make you pick another answer anyway, so it's wise to eliminate it right away.

EMAIL your votes to not post them!

Thus, you're left with these choices:

Slang for someone who smells like rotting fruit.
The scientific word for lead.
A curiously shaped plumbers' tool used to extract large blockages from pipes.

Don't discount an answer simply because of a typo...assume all typos are the dasher's. However, the dasher won't be changing actual wording of an answer, so if you don't like it for it's phrasing or it's grammar, then it's fine to eliminate it on that basis.

You may vote for only one answer. You are NOT allowed to research the answers at all until after you've voted. Once you've voted, your selections cannot be changed, because after that you can feel free to research each long as you don't post about it and thus spoil the game for others who haven't yet voted.

For the record, the real answer for the example is the scientific word for lead.

Be sure to vote in every category unless you got a category right and KaCee instructed you not to vote there. Results are often held up by people forgetting to vote in all categories, and KaCee has to chase them down to submit the missing vote. You must vote; you may not opt out or pass.

After everyone who submitted answers has voted, the results will be posted with score tallies, and a list of which answer was whose, and who voted for whom.

Other possible questions:

1) What if I want to dash?

A: You will have to set up your own game to do so.

2) What if I've played two rounds and have a very low score? Should I give up?

A: No! This is a fickle game. Even expert players can have lousy rounds, and complete beginners can suddenly have enormous luck. Stick with it; you'll start to see the tricks the experts use, and learn your own ways of deciding who might have answered what and how to improve your own answers to get more votes. There is also a tip sheet designed to help you be a better player.

3) What If I have a comment on an answer? I shouldn't post it to the group until after voting, but I might forget by then.

A: You can include comments when voting in your voting email. Indicate when commenting whether or not it's okay for the dasher to repeat your comments in the wrap-up of the round. I will always assume comments are not to be repeated unless the person making the comment explicitly says it's okay.

4) What happens if I miss a round? I don't want to start playing if I'm going to lose out when I'm too busy every once in awhile.

A: The scores will reflect each round's scoring as well as an overall average. If you miss rounds, your average will not be harmed.

5) What if my question isn't answered here?

A: Email KaCee at

Happy Balderdashing!

Part 1 of the rules

Balderdash is a trademark of Gameworks Creations, formerly under license by Parker Brothers and Canada games, now under license by Hasbro. No written permission has been obtained for this online play, but I do legally own a copy of the game, and as far as I know no written permission is required for that.

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