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Congratulations to all record holders, as detailed below! If you are listed below and would like your name to be linked to an email address or URL, please email me to request that, and be specific about how you want to be linked. Also email me if you want your full name printed; I won't publish full names without explicit permission, as per the Balderdash Privacy Policy.

Highest Score Ever

Ruth: 22

Highest Average Ever

Oren: 15

Most Popular Answer Ever (eight votes)

Initials: S.C.A. - Real: Soybean Council of America.

Answers That Received All Votes In A Round

The only answer to receive all votes was for Initials P.P.A., where the real answer, Purple Plum Association, received a vote from all four players.

The Right Answer Correctly Answered/Guessed By The Most People

The word osculation, which means "Kissing," holds the record for the most people to submit the correct answer: five people knew it right away.

The Wrong Answer Guessed By The Most People

The answer with the most duplicate submissions that was not correct was for initials SCA. Six people submitted Society for Creative Anachronism, which does in fact exist, but was not the answer on the card.

Most Right Answers Submitted In One Round

Ross and Richard F. hold the record for the most answers guessed right in the answer portion of the game, with two right answers.

Most Duplicate Answers With Other Players In One Round

Richard F. has had the most duplicates with other players in a round. He had three: two similar to other player answers, and one identical to two other players.

People Who Have Had A Right Answer In Every Category In One Round (Combo)

The only player to ever get all answers right in a combination of right answers and right votes (and thus cruelly deprive the poor dasher of a single point) is Ruth, who answered one right and voted for four right answers.

People Who Have Voted For The Right Answer In Every Category In One Round

No one has done this yet! Matt has picked four right at least twice, Malc and Ruth have picked four right once each, and several people have picked three right.

Balderdash is a trademark of Gameworks Creations, formerly under license by Parker Brothers and Canada games, now under license by Hasbro. No written permission has been obtained for this online play, but I do legally own a copy of the game, and as far as I know no written permission is required for that.

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