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This fanlisting currently has 199 members in 29 countries.

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June 11, 2014

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Jack Malone Fanlisting

Here are the current members of this fanlist, in order by country of residence and then alphabetically by name:

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Country Name # Email Web Favourite Episode or Comment

Australia - 5 members

Australia Alex 158 Email Web  
Australia Finola Jennifer-Poppy Richardson 100 Email   I LOVE Anthony Lapaglia...Jack and Sam are the BEST couple in the WORLD.
Australia Katy Jones 152 Email    
Australia Kristy 55 Email Web  
Australia Motty Jack 50 Email    

Belarus - 1 member

Belarus Bestia 66 Email   AYHOHEB, Suspect, Lost & Found

Belgium - 3 members

Belgium Liliane 111 Email   WaT is a fantastic show and ALP is without a doubt the sexiest thing on screen these days. Great actor too!
Belgium Pirsoul Valerie 118 Email   Suspect
Belgium Streepke 19 Email    

Brazil - 5 members

Brazil Cris Castro 151 Email   I'm looking forward to talking to people who feel the same about Jack.
Brazil Mayra Manson 22 Email    
Brazil Patrícia 75 Email Web  
Brazil Rubenia Caminha 74 Email   Fallout and John Michaels. I love Malone and Sam.
Brazil Sandra 21 Email    

Canada - 16 members

Canada AJ Blaney 58 Email    
Canada Alex Malone 97 Email    
Canada Alissa 126 Email   I LOVE HIM TOO
Canada Amanda 6 Email    
Canada Becca 41 Email    
Canada Becca 102 Email   Biggest Without a Trace fan EVER
Canada Courtney 23 Email    
Canada Dan-vi 28 Email    
Canada Erika 38 Email    
Canada Louly 177 Email   I'm new to the show and it's now my favourite. Jack is the man.
Canada Margaret 173 Email    
Canada Margaret 174 Email   I LOVE JACK
Canada Marianna 178 Email    
Canada Marie 25 Email    
Canada Martine Gauthier 195 Email   Jack is so handsome.
Canada Samantha 85 Email    

Denmark - 1 member

Denmark Avi 113 Email    

England/UK - 15 members

England/UK Amy 42 Email    
England/UK Heather Johnston 171 Email    
England/UK Jade 33 Email    
England/UK Jane McConnell 89 Email   Would like to see Jack and Samantha back together.
England/UK Jaina 46 Email Web  
England/UK Joanne Crawford 201 Email    
England/UK Laura Archer 159 Email    
England/UK Lesley Roberts 205 Email    
England/UK Linda Harvey 193 Email    
England/UK Mel 131 Email    
England/UK Spy_Master 87 Email Web  
England/UK Kirsty 26 Email    
England/UK Liberty 17 Email Web  
England/UK P. Thompson 62 Email    
England/UK Shi 101 Email    

Finland - 4 members

Finland Asduanque 53 Email   Silent Partner
Finland Jaana 43 Email    
Finland Niina C. 16 Email    
Finland Taina 70 Email    

France - 12 members

France Aegis 44 Email    
France Arielle 95 Email    
France Axl 114 Email    
France Delannoy 125 Email   I'm French and I love Without a Trace. My favorite character is Jack played by Anthony LaPaglia. I love every episode!
France Denis 166 Email    
France Gilbert Ludivine 123 Email    
France K-Roll 127 Email    
France Pauline 170 Email   I'm a very big fan of Jack. He's my favorite character and my favorite episodes are Fallout, Malone vs Malone, John Michaels and a lot of others.
France Sofia 172 Email   My favorite ship is Jack and Sam forever, this is the best couple in the planet.
France Thalie 82 Email    
France Petrushka 37 Email    
France Violaine LB 194 Email   I'm a huge fan of Without a Trace. I often watch in French, and I have always thought Malone was the best character. He's perhaps not as handsome as a Martin or a Danny, but he is much deeper. And I like complicated characters who become deeper and deeper with time!

French Guyana - 1 member

French Guyana Sarah Bridges 48 Email   I'm a Jack/Sam shipper so my favorite episodes of WAT are when they are together like Fallout! Sam's love is with JACK and only JACK!!

Germany - 11 members

Germany Andrea 59 Email    
Germany Angy 91 Email Web  
Germany Anna 90 Email Web  
Germany Bandi 56 Email    
Germany Chester 121 Email   A great person!
Germany Christina 9 Email    
Germany Christina 69 Email Web  
Germany Julie 124 Email    
Germany Kat 88 Email    
Germany Sabine 76 Email   Brill actor, hope to see more of his movies here in Germany.
Germany Yasmin Riglar 165 Email    

Ireland - 1 member

Ireland June 39 Email    

Italy - 6 members

Italy Bob 155 Email   Jack is great!
Italy Dale 190 Email    
Italy Destiny 141 Email    
Italy Giada 202 Email    
Italy Kamas 167 Email    
Italy Monica 107 Email    

Ivory Coast - 1 member

Ivory Coast Animan 106 Email   I like this very much so I look every day.

Malaysia - 3 members

Malaysia Darren 77 Email   Jack is super cute'n'sexy, can't get my eyes off him.
Malaysia Evil 93 Email   I like Anthony LaPaglia on Without A Trace, he's a great actor, and he looks cool.
Malaysia Joss 112 Email   I just love ALL OF THEM!!! The best cast since...God knows for how long!

Morocco - 1 member

Morocco Meryem 161 Email    

New Zealand - 2 members

New Zealand Parkour 94 Email    
New Zealand Roanna 109 Email    

Peru - 1 member

Peru 60 60 Email   Without a Trace is cool and LaPaglia is stunning.

Philippines - 1 member

Philippines Gurkirpal Gill 140 Email   I love Without a Trace. I am very addicted to Jack Malone and Danny Taylor.

Poland - 3 members

Poland Borys 11 Email    
Poland Lucash 49 Email Web Fallout and Copycat
Poland Megan 142 Email Web I've seen only two seasons but I love the episode "Shadows" because it shows their private lives.

Romania - 1 member

Romania Oana 175 Email    

Scotland - 1 member

Scotland Marcelle Malcolmson 81 Email    

South Africa - 2 members

South Africa Denise 115 Email    
South Africa Natashja Singleton 86 Email Web  

South Korea - 1 member

South Korea Lisa Murphy 143 Email    

Spain - 4 members

Spain Jorge Martin 57 Email   Fallout 1 and 2!!
Spain José 63 Email    
Spain Sara 162 Email   I LOVE MALONE
Spain Tatiana 72 Email    

Sweden - 6 members

Sweden Cecilia 92 Email Web  
Sweden Emma 181 Email Web  
Sweden Eva Westrin 73 Email    
Sweden Kerstin 164 Email    
Sweden Kerstin Dahlqvist 192 Email    
Sweden Yamazaki-san 199 Email    

Switzerland - 1 member

Switzerland Anais 183 Email   I am a fan of Jack Malone.

Turkey - 5 members

Turkey Betty 99 Email   I LOVE WITHOUT A TRACE!
Turkey Begum 104 Email   I wanna see more sections. This TV movie must be go on!
Turkey Sami E. Riboyun 103 Email Web I love Anthony LaPaglia.
Turkey Sevin 135 Email    
Turkey Sue 148 Email   I love Jack!

USA - 85 members

USA Agne 163 Email   Love the show!
USA Albert Fernandez 200 Email    
USA Alyssia Judy 105 Email    
USA Amber 47 Email    
USA Angelfirenze 196 Email Web  
USA Anne Marie 65 Email    
USA Barb 179 Email    
USA Bonny Gallion 96 Email   I kinda like Jack when he's a little on edge.
USA Brady Lohmiller 145 Email   Jack Malone for President.
USA Branwyn 24 Email    
USA Brenda Jo Cook 4 Email    
USA Brittany 187 Email Web Fallout
USA Brittney 14 Email Web  
USA Bunny 154 Email Web  
USA Carlene Watts 147 Email    
USA Carly 136 Email    
USA Carrie Buner 184 Email    
USA Cassie 18 Email Web I adore WaT!
USA Chris Ritzcovan 80 Email   The recent episode called John Michaels. I loved it and I am anxiously waiting for the repeat. Any movie, TV show or interview with Anthony.
USA Cosima 51 Email   Fallout parts 1&2. The Jack Malone character has, well, character.
USA Danielle 182 Email Web  
USA Dawn Andrews 128 Email   I am a big Anthony LaPaglia fan ever since the 80s. My favorite WAT episode was Malone vs. Malone.
USA Dawn Maloney 204 Email   My favorite episodes are the one when his father passes away and the one when he was helping the father try to find his son who had been missing for years.
USA Dawn Renee Andrews 40 Email   Fallout part 1&2. I like Without a Trace because of the Aussies.
USA Deanne 160 Email    
USA Denise Kelley 117 Email    
USA Djuna 3 Email    
USA Elis 191 Email Web  
USA Emily 156 Email    
USA Erika 78 Email    
USA Erin 71 Email   I love the Jack angst. My favorite eps are Malone v. Malone and Copycat. It's kind of wrong to want such a great character depressed, but Anthony LaPaglia plays him so well!
USA Erin M. 8 Email Web  
USA Fancie 30 Email   Jack Malone is gorgeous. I love his brooding and sensitivity to all of his cases, especially his caring for children and women in peril. I watch every show on every station possible. I tape them to watch them later. I love Jack.
USA Foxytime 30 Email    
USA Georgia 188 Email    
USA Gia 61 Email    
USA Ione Mary 168 Email    
USA Jenn 108 Email    
USA Jenna 29 Email Web  
USA Jenna 133 Email    
USA Jessica 27 Email    
USA Jessica 129 Email    
USA Jessica 134 Email   In the Dark and Malone vs. Malone
USA Jill Kraut 52 Email    
USA Joyie 31 Email    
USA Kandi 153 Email    
USA Karen Willis 122 Email    
USA Kate 83 Email    
USA Kim Mahoney 176 Email    
USA Kimberly Chapman 36 Email Web I love any episode where Jack cries or is personally affected by the case.
USA Kristi 15 Email Web  
USA Kristie 1 Email    
USA Kristina 67 Email    
USA Kristy 64 Email    
USA LadyRebecca 84 Email    
USA Lauren 180 Email Web  
USA Linda Sousa 146 Email   Malone v. Malone
USA Linda 185 Email    
USA Lindsay 2 Email    
USA LisaMarie 12 Email   I love Without A Trace mostly because of Anthony LaPaglia...I love the Jack/Sam storyline and I hope they pursue it further.
USA Lorna 169 Email    
USA Lucy 138 Email    
USA Maggie 130 Email   Crossroads
USA Maresa 157 Email Web  
USA Marinna 79 Email   Love ALP. I'm like a lot of people caught the last fifteen minutes of Suspect and went WOW who is this guy? Now I know he is the best actor on the planet bar none.
USA Margie 79 Email   Lots of pictures of Anthony. Keep us up to date with what is going on with his movies, etc.
USA Martha Holtslander 197 Email    
USA Melissa Craft 198 Email    
USA Michelle 5 Email    
USA Moofa 139 Email    
USA Nancy Cosentino 137 Email    
USA Natasia 35 Email    
USA Pam 150 Email    
USA Patricia Potter 144 Email   I have never been a fan of any actor before. Now I am in love with Jack Malone.
USA Peggy Coleman 98 Email   I never miss an episode of Without A Trace and the reason is Jack Malone/Anthony LaPaglia.
USA Plenamin 119 Email   Season finale of season #1, Malone vs Malone, Maple Street.
USA Randall Patterson 120 Email    
USA Rissa 10 Email    
USA Samatha 116 Email   I love them all, I think Mr. Anthony is an awesome actor.
USA Sarah G 45 Email Web  
USA Sharon S 110 Email   I am a long time fan of ALP and of course WAT. Belong to several Yahoo groups and love reading about the show. Jack is my fav character.
USA Skyler 54 Email    
USA Sue 189 Email    
USA Terry 186 Email    
USA Vix 7 Email