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If you have a site that lists one-click charities and want a way to incorporate the grades that charities have received into your listing, please read the following information carefully:

Text Links

If you would like to link using text only, feel free to do so with as much information as suits your page design. Probably the most efficient link would be structured like this (although tailored to suit your page's style):

  • Charity Name/Graphic
    • Charity Description
    • Graded [whatever] by One-Click Charity Check

Where the entire grade comment is linked to the charity's specific review.

Generic Graphic Links

If you would like to link using a generic graphic, feel free to save the one below to your computer, and then integrate it into your list as you wish. The example above might look like this instead:

  • Charity Name/Graphic One Click Charity Check
    • Charity Description

Where the graphic is linked to the charity's specific review.

Mini Grade Graphics

If you would like to link using graphics similar to the mini logo, but instead have graphics that replace the checkmark in the above one with letter grades, email me and request the graphics. Please note the following rules for the mini grade graphics:

  1. You must provide your URL when you email your request.
  2. You must not use the mini grade graphics for a one-click charity of your own. If your site includes such a charity and you wish to use the grade graphics only for your list, that is acceptable. But you may not use the graphic for your own charity.
  3. The mini grade graphics may only be used by permission.
  4. You must agree to be placed on a mailing list for updates. The only mail you will receive as a result of these updates would be to inform you of the following:
    • A new review being completed
    • A re-review being completed where the grade changes
    • A previously listed charity has disappeared from the web
    • A crucial update, such as a relocation of the entire site (which is very unlikely)
  5. You must agree to update the graphics within a week of notification if the grade for the one-click site changes.
  6. If you are closing your page/site down, you must agree to remove all mini grade graphics before abandoning the site, so they are not left static without updates.
  7. The mini grade graphic must be linked to the review page of the charity that the graphic is located beside/near. This is for your readers' benefit: by linking directly to the review page, they can see how the grade was received.
  8. You must agree to not alter the mini grade graphics in any way without explicit written permission.

In return for following these rules, you will be guaranteed a link on my links page, and I will email you the mini grade graphics. When you email me, I will ask you to agree to all of those rules, and I will save your reply that states your agreement. So don't request the graphics unless you're willing to accept the agreement!

When I receive the email that says you agree to the rules, I will email you the graphics.

If this all seems like too much hassle, don't worry about it. You're free to use the generic mini graphic shown on this page, or just go ahead with text-only links.

This page was last updated on July 24, 2001.

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