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Privacy Policy

This site and its owners respect the privacy of all of our visitors and users. Users are not required to provide any information in order to click to donate aside from the IP address that is collected during the download of the Thank You page as a result of clicking the donation graphic. IP addresses contain no personal information. We store IP addresses only to prevent multiple donations per day and to perform server diagnostics. Daily IP logs are kept for one month from the date of collection, then discarded.


Our site does not drop cookies of its own, although some sponsors attach cookies to their banner advertisements. Any cookies coming from sponsors are entirely the responsibility of the sponsor in question and fall under that organization's privacy policy. Users are not required to accept any of these cookies in order to navigate this site or click to donate.


We reserve the right to keep any email sent to us on a per-case basis, along with all information contained within the email. We do not post anything from email unless explicit permission is provided from the sender, but we may occasionally keep email for our own records or for legal purposes.

Information Sharing

All information collected on this site is used by this site only. At no time will we loan, rent, sell, or otherwise give any of the information collected from this site or in email to any third party, with the exception of information that is formally solicited by an authorized law enforcement agency. Sponsors receive reports on the number of downloads per day, but they do not receive IP logs. We will not share an email with a sponsor unless explicitly asked to do so by the sender.


We reserve the right to make changes to this privacy policy, but we pledge that no changes will be put into effect without this document first being updated to reflect impending changes.

This page was last updated on January 1, 2001.

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