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Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns this site?

This site is owned by Jane Doe. For more information about Jane, please see the About Us page.


Who maintains this site?

This site is maintained primarily by Jane Doe, with assistance from Jack Smith and Betty Doe. For more information about the team members, please see the About Us page.


What is the relationship between this site and its beneficiary?

Our beneficiary is Foundation Against Krazy Exploitation (FAKE). We send them 100% of the funds collected here, but we are not owned by them. Jane Doe has volunteered for FAKE in the past, and Betty Doe currently does, but FAKE as an organization has no directed input as to the information on or operation of this site.


How can I contact people from this site?

Our contact information can be found on our Contact Us page.


How can I contact people from the beneficiary?

FAKE can be reached with the following information:

123 Blahblah Avenue
Sometown, State XXXXX
(555) 555-5555


How often can I click to donate?

Although we would love to allow our users to click as often as possible, our agreements with the sponsors state that only one click per unique IP address counts per calendar day. Our calendar day begins at midnight US Pacific Time. Extra clicks beyond this do not count. This may mean that multiple people sharing a single Internet connection count only as one click per day, depending on their IP configuration.


Do I have to do anything other than click for my donations to count?

No. All that is required for a donation to count is that you click on the Click to Donate graphic on our main page and then fully load our Thank You page. The graphics on the page do not need to be downloaded to count, so non-graphical browsers can still donate.


Are cookies required for donations to count?

Our site doesn't drop any cookies of its own. Sometimes our advertisers will include a cookie with their banner outside of our control. These cookies are not required for the donation to count.


In what languages is this site available?

Currently, this site is available in English only. We are seeking volunteers who can accurately translate any or all of this site into additional languages. Please contact us via our contact information page if you'd like to volunteer.


What potential conflicts of interest exist with this site?

We can't think of any. None of the team members is aware of a personal, religious, monetary, political or other conflict of interest in their own lives, and as a whole we are not aware of any conflict of interest between this site and its goals. As stated on the About Us page, two of the team members are related and have volunteer experience with FAKE, but we do not believe this has any conflicting effect on this site or its mission.


What is this site's privacy policy?

Our privacy policy is spelled out in detail on the Privacy Policy page.


What is this site's spam policy?

While we appreciate that people may wish to spread word about this site, we request that you only do so amongst people you know, and even then with respect for people who may not be interested. Please do not send out massive emails or other communications (such as newsgroup posts) that could be construed as spam, or unsolicited bulk email. Such actions only hurt us and diminish our goals. Instead of employing a recommendation or tell-a-friend service on this site, we encourage people to send their own emails as they feel necessary, or perhaps to mention our site in a regular signature. Please try to use non-invasive, non-offensive means of promoting our site. You may link to us using the information in the next question/answer.


May I link to this site?

Yes! We would appreciate links, although we do not run a reciprocal link program. If you have a site with information that pertains to widgetry and you'd like us to include it on our Links page, please contact us with the details.

In linking to our site, we ask that you link only to the home page or the widget information page. Please do not link directly to our Thank You page, as this may prevent donations from counting. You may use any of the site-owned graphics for your link, such as the banner at the top of every page or the donate button on the home page.


How much money is collected per sponsor?

We collect US$0.005 per sponsor, per click.


How much of the money collected is passed on to FAKE?

100% of the money collected is passed on. Site operation expenses are donated by the team members.


How often is money passed on?

We send cheques to FAKE every three months or when the current collected amount reaches US$5000, whichever comes first.


What are the donation totals?

The totals are posted on the Donation Totals page.


How can I be sure that the money is going where you say it will?

We are a registered 501 c(3) charity (see our About Us page for details), and will be submitting our yearly financial details to GuideStar as well as posting them here. We have not yet completed a fiscal year. In the meantime, we are posting scans of the cashed cheques on the Donation Totals page. Furthermore, FAKE's website acknowledges our donations by including a link to us with information stating that we send them money.


How can I make a cash donation to save widgets?

This site does not accept cash donations. However, FAKE's website does. Please contact them for further information on cash donations.


How is the money used to help widgets?

FAKE provides care and counselling for widgets in the following ways: [details]. More information is available on FAKE's website.


How much money is needed to help one widget?

Although costs can vary, a minimum of US$50 is usually needed to prevent one widget from being exploited through care and counselling.


Why do widgets need help?

Over 3 million widgets are exploited every year. Without help from groups like FAKE, this exploitation could continue to grow. Widget exploitation doesn't just hurt the widgets; it affects entire communities. For more details, please see our widget information page.


In what countries does FAKE operate to help widgets?

Currently, FAKE only has programs operating in the continental US. They are investigating widget needs in Canada, the United Kingdom, Japan, Australia and New Zealand, but these programs are not yet in operation. When FAKE branches out officially to other countries, we will post that information on this site.


Where can I find more information on widgets?

We have some statistics and information on our widget information page, but FAKE's website has substantially more information with greater detail.


This page was last updated on January 1, 2001.

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