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One-Click Charity Check acts as watchdog for free donation sites

LAS VEGAS, Nevada - April 14, 2001 - One-Click Charity Check was launched in mid-March, 2001, to help users sort through the increasing number of one-click style free donation sites on the Internet.

It is run by a former technology journalist who doesn't like press releases full of buzzwords and useless trivia.

So here are the facts:

Owner: Kimberly Chapman ( for more information)


Purpose: to review one-click charities against a set of detailed criteria, which are posted at

Grading: sites that pass critical criteria (such as confirmation that the beneficiary is receiving the money) get a letter grade of either A+, A, B, or C. Those grades are based on passing other categories of criteria. Sites that fail to meet any critical criterion are rated "Not Recommended."

Review Process: is underway. A few reviews are up now, with more being posted each week. Sites will be re-reviewed approximately every six months.

The owner will happily participate in interviews by phone or email. The phone number has not been made public, as it is a residential number. Anyone interested in phoning should email first to request the phone number and to set up an appropriate interview time. Calls that are not preceded by email will not be appreciated. Calls outside of 11 am and 5 pm US Pacific Time without being previously scheduled will also not be appreciated.

For further information, please check the links below, or email

About One-Click Charity Check:


Use of Graphics: Use of the grade graphics is restricted to those sites that have earned them. Publication of the grade graphics by anyone else, including the media, is prohibited without explicit, written permission from One-Click Charity Check. All other One-Click Charity Check graphics that are the property of One-Click Charity Check may be published, so long as they are not altered in any manner without explicit, written permission from One-Click Charity Check with the exception of sizing alterations, such as shrinking or enlarging, and such alterations must not render the graphic illegible or otherwise changed. Graphics belonging to other organizations, such as reviewed sites, Bobby, W3C, etc. are the property of their respective organizations, and used with permission on One-Click Charity Check. Permission for publication of those graphics is not the responsibility of One-Click Charity Check, and should be sought from the individual organizations.

All reviews on One-Click Charity Check are the sole property and opinion of Kimberly Chapman. Quotations from the reviews must be cited to One-Click Charity Check or to Kimberly Chapman.

This page was last updated on July 7, 2001.

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