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Quick Confirm List

This list simply states if I was able to quickly and easily confirm that a site seems to be giving over funds as stated. Detailed reviews to come as I have time to do them. NOTE: a site may end up being "Not Recommended" even if it appears on this list (usually due to not having any clear indication that the site is still in operation). Being on this list does not guarantee any particular grade.

Quick confirmation typically comes from one of two sources: either the site is operated by its own beneficiary (i.e. a charity sets up a free-click donation page for itself), or at least one of the stated beneficiaries has a banner, notice, or other bit of information on their own website that indicates they are in some kind of partnership with the donating site.

A quick confirmation does NOT mean the site is still operating, that funds are still being collected and/or passed on, or that the funds are being used for any particular purpose. The date of inclusion on this list is provided.

The site title is linked directly to their main page for easy donations.

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